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Job Description and Requirements
CATEGORY Non Faculty Vacancies
COLLEGE Departments
DEPARTMENT Information Technology Center

The Assistant Director (Information Services) is responsible for a range of IT-related functions including information systems management, web systems support, software development, business analysis and project management.

The Assistant Director (Information Services) is responsible for the effective leverage of new technologies critical to the University's core business, into the UoS landscape - underpinning its technological infrastructure and thus supporting all areas of the University in the achievement of its strategic objectives. The position requires specialist technical knowledge and skill along with the ability to provide high level technical leadership and management to the IT Directorate and the University.

The position operates with a high degree of independence and autonomy; requires the application of sound judgment, tact and innovation, and the development of relationships with senior staff across the University to achieve the desired outcomes. This position will oversee the management of IT staff on a day to day basis.

The Assistant Director (Information Services) will have a clear vision of the way ICT services are to be delivered both inside and outside the Directorate and the way this is impacted upon and influenced by industry trends and UoS's own strategic direction. The Assistant Director (Information Services) will be able to sensitively communicate this vision, articulating and implementing strategies to lead and manage this area of the Directorate.

  • Providing high-level strategic, operational and technical advice to the Director IT on all matters related to the management and development of the IT Information Services area and its staff.
  • Leading and managing the staff of the IT Information Services area, spanning a range of technical services including information management, online systems support, software development and business analysis. Mentoring technology specialists from within the Directorate and across the University's Faculties, encouraging open communications between all areas.
  • Understand and design for data integrity and governance into all systems and processes to provide the university with high quality data services.
  • Actively partnering with UoS's Senior staff and Directors to enhance current systems and develop new services and strategies to better support their needs. Developing service level agreements with clients and seeking feedback on the effectiveness and quality of IT Services.
  • Carrying out high level research and evaluation of appropriate and relevant current and emerging technologies in the context of the whole of the University, its risk profile and its strategic plan.
  • Managing the budget and financial control aspects of the Information Services area.
  • Managing all staffing matters for Information Services including recruitment, identification and support for professional development opportunities, staff performance and discipline and training for Information Services-related activities.
  • Reviewing, developing, maintaining and implementing policies related to the operation and management of Information Services.
  • Monitoring service delivery and reviewing and reporting on quality assurance and evaluation of service; participating in resulting business re-design and improvement for the Directorate.
  • Acquiring and maintaining a high level of professional expertise and knowledge of IT industry trends, issues and innovations.
  • As required, representing the University at a variety of meetings and providing feedback to staff and management on matters arising from such meetings.
  • Contributing to the successful ongoing operation of the IT Center by supporting an environment conducive to ongoing learning, training, continual review, improvement, quality assurance and professional growth and actively participating as a member of the Directorate, attending meetings, offering ideas and suggestions on possible improvements to processes.
  • Ensuring the University's policies, procedures and commitment to EEO, OH&S, quality assurance and risk management are implemented and adhered to with the Information Services area.



  • Responsible for the management, security and support for all IT-related activities across the entire University including management information systems and databases, support for desktop computing specialized software, central servers, data, voice and video networks, web development, standards and technical.
  • Responsible to ensure that the University makes the best use of the technology to underpin the University's strategic direction.
  • Responsible for representing the University across all of the above areas, as well as providing high level advice to UoS committees and external organizations
  • Working with Senior Executives and staff from across all areas of the University to ascertain their IT needs and projected requirements within the University's changing environment.
  • The Directorate consists of a portfolio of discreet but interconnected groups, each headed up by an Assistant Director focused on the following service areas:
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Information Services
  • IT Security, Governance and Architecture
  • IT Service Delivery
  • IT Project Management Office
  • IT Business Improvements
  • Responsible for supporting UoS's IT related strategic priorities, leading and managing a team of staff responsible for the delivery of high quality service and support related to their specific service area within the IT Directorate – at a time of unprecedented change across the higher education sector.

The Assistant Director is a conduit between a service area of IT and the IT Director, drawing information upwards, analyzing and aligning activities to provide the Director with the most appropriate information and materials to support and inform IT related decisions, policies and strategic directions at the highest level of the organization, as well as acting on information, directives, requests and recommendations from the Director for implementation across the team of service area staff.

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of current information technology industry trends and demonstrated ability to integrate relevant technologies into and organisation's critical business processes in a planned, cost effective and timely manner.
  • Proven capacity to analyse and evaluate complex technological issues, resolve problems and produce effective outcomes in a high pressure environment.
  • Proven capacity to think strategically, be innovative and to develop long term plans and strategies.
  • Demonstrated familiarity across a range of IT areas, with knowledge and understanding of the inter-connectedness between areas and the capacity to deliver solutions that incorporate a range of IT functions.
  • Demonstrated significant experience in undertaking major projects to their successful completion with an emphasis on change implementation.
  • Demonstrated experience in the development of policy and procedural documentation relating to resources.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to build solid working relationships at all levels.
  • Demonstrated ability to research, adapt and apply emerging technologies and standards and to understand the broader implications of such technology for the University

  • Postgraduate qualifications.
  • Extensive relevant experience in an IT services environment and/or IT Management at a senior level; or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and training.
  • Proven expertise in the supervision, management and strategic planning of significant human, financial and material resources.
JOB LOCATION University of Sharjah (Main)