University of Sharjah
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Job Description and Requirements


The Dean of the College of Law is the senior official representing the college and reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.



  • Create and sustain a well-established network outside the college with the aim of facilitating the education process and training/research activities.
  • Establish strategic directions/objectives and policies related to the educational process and research activities in the college, and all of its departments, and oversee their application.
  • Represent the University in relation to the college at various conferences and symposia outside the University.
  • Propose recommendations for developing the annual college budget, implement and oversee the development and implementation processes, and conduct regular productivity and effectiveness analyses.
  • Develop a network of visiting professors and experts to support the college's educational and research activities and its sustainability.
  • Propose recommendations for the development of University policies and procedures and participate in the process of development.
  • Coordinate agreements with relevant ministries, departments, and authorities inside and outside the UAE.
  • Possess knowledge of human resources, administrative concepts, and higher education practices, policies and procedures.
  • Establish research programs relevant to the region and work to strengthen and promote them.
  • Possess excellent communication skills and the ability to work actively in a multicultural and diverse community.
  • Possess experience in liaising with relevant networks and institutions with the aim of activating educational and research processes.
  • Expertise in dealing with foreign institutions/organizations and international accreditation bodies.



    The candidate shall have held academic and professional positions and possess a rich record in teaching and academic rigor at the international level. The candidate  shall also demonstrate effective and continuous contributions to his/her fields of specialization in the form of published research in refereed international journals and participation at exhibitions, conferences, and forums, in addition to holding the following professional degrees, qualifications and experience:
  • PhD from a recognized university.
  • Rank of professor in one of the college specializations.
  • Record of distinction in teaching and research, appropriate to the rank of a professor in one of the college specializations.
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic writing and speaking (bi-lingual language proficiency).
  • Leadership qualities and clear research background in one of the college specializations.
  • A clear vision for the development of higher education, in general, and the college in particular.
  • Familiarity with the credit-hour system.
  • Distinguished administrative experience in higher education affairs, preferably at the level of a dean at a reputable university.
  • Experience with the program accreditation standards of specialized entities at national and international educational institutes.
  • Knowledge of human resources and administrative and financial concepts, practices and policies.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of departments in a diversified community.
  • Experience in communicating with universities, academic and professional institutions, associations, unions, companies, business administration institutions and other institutes focused on education and research.


    Additional Qualifications:

    Priority will be given to applicants with the following qualifications:
  • Administrative expertise and acumen in launching pioneering programs.
  • Skills in dealing with multi-cultures.
  • Active participation in prestigious organizations.
  • Knowledge of assessment methods and matters.
  • Documents making evident the candidate's support for the achievements of faculty members and students.
  • An understanding of modern teaching methods, including the use of technology in the teaching process.
  • An interest in the humanities and a commitment to enriching the educational experience of students.