Galadari Brothers LLC
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Civil Engineer with G+4 DM License

Job Description and Requirements

Key Accountabilities:
• Analyse survey reports, maps, and other data to plan projects
• Consider construction costs, government regulations, potential environmental hazards, and other factors in planning stages
• Liaising and working jointly with the design team (consulting engineers) to implement refinements
• Negotiating modifications with architects and consulting engineers
• Dealing skilfully with a diverse range of people including clients, architects, and other engineering professionals.
• Observe site safety procedures.
• Providing appropriate plans for construction
• Monitoring the provision of materials
• Coordinate with the consultants, clients for the site inspections.
• Prepare coordinate and monitor the technical and planning requirements of the project with the objective of ensuring progress is meeting targets. 

Knowledge Skills and Experience:
• Qualifications: Civil Engineering Degree, G+4 or above DM License
• Experience : Minimum 6-8 years of experience in execution of civil works, GCC experience required
• Skills: Extensive knowledge and experience in conducting quality inspections Excellent organizational skills.