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Accountant/Assistant Accountant

Job Description and Requirements

Job Responsibilities and Characteristic

  • Bookkeeping – fully understanding of accounts terminologies and its position to ledgers.
  • Knowledge on Inventory – must be attentive to details and responsible for stocks monitoring.
  • Able to work with less supervision – can perform duties with confident and less error, competence and reliability to carry out job details with attention and dedication.
  • Honest – being able to perform duties with utmost honesty, fairness, and objective.
  •  Perseverance – Flexible to hours related to report deadline, important documents to prepare, and other assigned task to be taken.
  •  Good Character – Posses genuine attitude to associate with other colleagues, manages to exert patience on relaying task, tough on implementing policies that helps improve accounting management, firm on decision related to credit collection and maintain integrity by keeping all the records file safe.
  • Good Accounting Command – keen analysis, able to give decisions necessary in difficult situation, can balance time management and report oriented.
  • Responsible for:
  1. Generating Financial Reports, monthly, yearly.
  2. Manage cash flow
  3. Checking inventory reports given by Inventory custodian.
  4. Safekeeping of all company records.
  5. Monitoring deadlines of all company & employees licenses, contracts, and other important permits.
  6. Securing company bills and other related payable payments.
  7. Monitor ageing accounts and initiate collections.
  8. Reconciling bank accounts, returns, delivery orders and purchases.
  9. Recording of sales invoices, update all records and other daily transaction entries.
  10. Issued cheques for payments, prepare cheques for deposit.
  11. Ensure every sales invoices are properly monitored, updated and entered in the system.
  12.  Co-custodian with Account Assistant in monitoring company office supplies and company requirements.
  13. Monitor emails, able to create business correspondence, issued quotation.
  14. Generation of statement accounts weekly, monthly.
  15. Properly filing of different records.