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Night Auditor- Hotel

Job Description and Requirements


To ascertain that all revenues that should have been received by the hotel have been received, and are properly recorded. To audit front office and food and beverage cashiers including other points of sales cashiers.




  • To audit
    • Daily rooms, F&B revenue summaries with their supporting transaction reports and to ensure all revenues are posted accordingly.
    • Revenues from other minor operating departments for completeness.
    • The daily general cashier’s report against recorded cash movement.
    • Charges to city ledger and credit card companies before forwarding them to accounts receivable section.
    • Telephone revenues and in-house telephone charges, to ensure that reasons are clearly documented for all house-use telephone calls and to separate telephone charges print-out to be distributed to each department for approval.
    • All food & beverage outlet checks on the “list of negative check lines” for explanations and approval by outlet managers (or delegated personal), and by the chef in instances of can supports  for  complimentary  and  house  –  use  rooms  and  for  rooms charged at rates varying from the rack potential and obtain contractual reason for variances in regular room rates in the system.
    • The “list of voided restaurant checks” for approval and explanations.

•     To ensure that all the day’s banquet revenue has been recorded.

•     To prepare and verify all Health club charges

•     To verify that the computerized daily report reflects completely all of the day’s transactions.

•     To review paid-out and allowance vouchers (rebate, and discount) for reasonableness, proper approval and supporting documentation.

•     To investigate late charges and skippers. All details should be forwarded to the credit manager for further action.

•     To carry out surprise checks on rooms, health club attendance and laundry.

•     To carry out surprise cash counts of all cashiers floats at least once a month.

•     To maintain organized files of all pertinent audit records.

•     To submit breakdown of pro-shops, transportation, outlet’s managers, Entertainment, Health Club, telephone & Telefax.

•     To perform other duties as assigned by his / her superior.





  • Cross checking of:
    • The sequential use of F&B checks and all sequential vouchers receipts and follow- up with missing checks.
    • Walk in guest rate with rate for the day from reservations team.
    • Extra bed revenue cross checking if any with the Housekeeping discrepancy. Physical cross checking required making sure balance extra beds are kept at store.
    • Early check in and check out with supporting documents or any approval from Duty Managers or Hotel Managers.
    • Room upgrade with guest signature.
    • Rebate/allowance with approved supporting documents.
    • F&B room charge with the guest signature
    • Other income with the voucher (miscellaneous income and FOREX exchange)
    • Check in-house registration card with the supporting docs (booking reservation amount, date, guest name, reservation type).
  • To in-put forecast figures for the daily report for the following days/month.





  • Daily Audits and Daily Reports are executed on a timely basis.







  • External           :


  • Internal            :           Group Auditors
  •                                     Group Financial Controller
  •                                     Head of Departments