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Chief Technology Officer

Job Description and Requirements

Our vision is to create a transformational experience for online healthcare access! Which is why we are looking for Chief Technology Officer to contribute to our growth journey. 

As the ultimate brains in engineering it is hard to put a detailed job description, therefore below is a general description of the role 

Technology Strategy

  • Technology: You will ensure that Vezeeta has the best technology platform and languages for the projects at hand.
  • Business acumen: You have a strong contributing voice to the company strategy. More specifically, your role is to think up ways to fulfil the CEO and the stakeholders’ goals.
  • Evangelism: You are the public face of technology for Vezeeta. You will need to tend to the internal wellbeing of the company’s tech and be the driving force behind the brand’s technical prowess and insight. You will also own the recruitment and retention of your team and be responsible for building relationships with communities, vendors and customers.

Leadership Strategy

  • Managing Epics to Roadmaps to Deadlines: You will lead the technology strategy and design. You will lead the delivery through superior product and project management skills to deliver on the vision.
  • Getting Your Hands Dirty You will rise to challenges and get your hands dirty, proving that you can contribute as well as dish out orders.
  • Delegation: You will be working on the frontlines however remain as the ultimate resource planner to get all the work done in the most efficient and most optimized manner.

Essential Background:

  • Frontend Technologies (React, JavaScript,…), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (C#, C++ or Java), Database engines (Elasticsearch, Redis, SQL server, MySQL,…) Distributed Systems (Design Patterns, Microservices Architecture, Data Structure, Algorithms) and Source Control management tool