Zulekha Hospital
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Consultant Pediatric - Female

Job Description and Requirements

- Plans and carries out medical care program for children from birth through 
adolescence to aid in mental and physical growth and development:
- Examines patients to determine presence of disease and to establish 
preventive health practices.
- Establishes the epidemiology and genetics of the disease process from 
patient history & investigations.
- Examines the pathology and pathogenesis
- Examines and establishes the clinical manifestations and onset of the 
problem ( signs and symptoms )
- Suggests tests for investigation of the exact problem ( laboratory etc)
- Evaluates and analyses the findings of the tests
- Establishes the clinical course to be adopted and the prognosis
- Diagnoses the problem and exact cause of the problem.
- Determines nature and extent of disease or injury, prescribes and 
administers medications and immunizations, and performs variety of medical 
- Give Parents advise on how to treat & prevent illness.
- Work as a part of team that includes other doctors, nurses, therapists and 
medical technologists.
- Handling emergencies
- Treatment of regular patients in patients and outpatients
- Keeping a vigil on the vital functions/parameters of the patients
Checks records, charts and reports of the patient
- Take rounds of the ward/ICU to check on patient’s progress
- Counseling patients and their family as regards to attitude/psychology, 
medication/ treatment/ precautions to be taken/ risk factors, diet and 
nutrition/ exercises etc
- Motivating staff to perform to their optimum efficiency. Provide coaching 
and mentoring to develop/enhance their skills
- Getting oriented towards latest techniques and medical procedures in the 
- Contributing towards the services of the Group medically, professionally.
- Publishing new break through’s and inventions in treatment or medical 
- Enhancing the brand image of Zulekha Healthcare Group
- Contributing and discussing case studies in internal doctors meeting or 
external gathering
- Attending conferences, seminars, conventions to gain and contribute 
knowledge and expertise
- Display professional conduct and responsibility
- Maintain discipline and set example through self.
- Any other functions as specified in the credentialing and privileges.
- Act As a Advocates for patients & families.
- Maintain Comprehensive medical records.