Zulekha Hospital
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Job Description and Requirements

- Clinical consultations and physical examinations of patients.
- Participates in review and planning activities relevant to the development of 
the Endocrinology service.
- Participates in activities and opportunities to promote the Endocrinology 
service and the Clinic.
- Required to be involved in non-clinical hospital / unit matters and the care of 
any patient when required.
- Responsible for compliance to the ethical and professional standards set by 
the clinic and regulatory authorities.
- Adhere to a high standard of clinical consultations and physical examinations.
- Ensure patient care or treatment is delegated to a suitable qualified, 
experienced individual with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide the 
care or treatment involved.
- Fulfills professional requirements for continuing education and competence in 
all aspects of Endocrinology.