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IOT Lab Lead Senior Associate

Job Description and Requirements

Job description / Role

Line of Service
Internal Firm Services

IFS - Clients & Markets

Management Level
Senior Associate

Job Description & Summary
A career in our Digital and Applications Design practice, within Application and Emerging Technology services, will provide you with a unique opportunity to help our clients identify and prioritise emerging technologies that can help solve their business problems. We help our clients design approaches to integrate new technologies, skills, and processes so they can get the most out of their technology investment and drive business results and innovation.

Our team helps organisations align their business and operational requirements through the careful design of digital platforms and applications. You'll help our clients with application optimisation, strategic integration of custom packaged solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management, and roadmap development.

The Emerging Technology Lab is a group of technologists with expertise in product development, rapid prototyping, and user experience design. We work with future technologies and help internal PwC stakeholders understand how these technologies can affect their work. We are an R&D group that builds functional prototypes that demonstrate the potential of future technologies.

What you'll do:

You will be engaged with our Emerging Technology team to build prototypes and solutions for internal teams with a strong focus in developing internet of things applications.

As a technologist, you're expected to:

- Blend technical experience in product development, rapid prototyping, and user experience design with business perspectives from organizations, sectors, and industry.
- Help internal teams achieve their goals through rapid iteration, experimentation, and prototyping while maintaining organizational focus to apply past lessons to future endeavors.
- Bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds by writing code, then physically deploying the devices.
- Design creative solutions and explore the possibilities of working with IoT along with other future technologies to deliver a higher value and a better user experience. 

Who you'll work with:
You'll work as part of a team of problem solvers with extensive consulting and industry experience, helping PwC solve its complex business issues from strategy to execution.


- Proactively assist in the management of multiple internal projects, while reporting to Managers and above 
- Train and lead staff 
- Establish effective working relationships directly with PwC staff 
- Contribute to the development of your own and team's technical acumen 
- Keep up to date with local and global emerging technology trends, particularly in relation to IoT 
- Be actively involved in business development activities to help identify and research opportunities on new/existing projects 
- Continue to develop internal relationships and your PwC brand



- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or similar degree preferred. 
- 2-3 years of professional experience in programming; experience applied to business problems is required 
- Experience programming Python, SQL, Node.JS, R, 
- Strong Experience working with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services 
- Experience with programming interfaces such as GPIO, I2C is required 
- Experience with programming one or some of the following: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Microcontrollers, FPGA, ASICs, SoC, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Microcontrollers, ARM Cortex is essential is required 
- Ability to read and interpret data in a meaningful way by using Streaming Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Hadoop, PowerBI, Elastic Stack 
- Experienced on Big Data platform like Apache Hadoop, Hbase, Spark, Hive, Pig, MongoDB, etc. 
- Must know the basics of OSI stack, how the connectivity protocols work and what are the latest standards in IoT communication. 
- Natural language processing techniques and leading technologies is a plus; 
- Strong knowledge and hands on experience with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Tensorflow is a plus. 
- Familiarity with building mobile applications, IOS/Android 
- Proven record of individual leadership in a work setting or through extracurricular activities 
- Ability to work effectively with people at all levels in an organization 
- Demonstrates thorough abilities and/or a proven record of success collaborating with a broad team of strategy, technology, creative, and production resources, especially coordinating project work with third-party partners and vendors. 
- Demonstrates thorough abilities and/or a proven record of success identifying and addressing client needs, building solid relationships with stakeholders, developing an awareness of our emerging technology services, delivering clear requests for information, demonstrating flexibility in prioritizing and completing tasks.