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Industrial Development Expert

Job Description and Requirements


• Facilitate implementation of the roadmaps emanating from the studies undertaken, to assess industrial statistics and information management capacities; and agro-processing value chains studies as detailed below;
• Assist to implement program and action plans for strengthening national industrial statistics capacities;
• Assist to implement recommendations of the Statistics capacity study to set-up industrial Statistics database systems;
• Assist to implement plans to set-up Statistical Business Registers;
• Assist in implementation of the Action Plans in agro-processing;
• Facilitate assessment of required software and procedures for industrial databases at National and Regional Levels. This will include recommendation on the software options, methodology and specification for the procurement of the software;
• Coordinate training on best practices in industrial policy design and management, and on modern methodologies to collect industrial data and statistics;
• Prepare background papers, policy briefs/concept notes, and reports on workshops / meetings on the implementation of work; and
• Provide periodic monitoring, evaluation and implementation reports

AED 25,000 to 30,000 per month inclusive of fixed allowances. 


• Scientific, engineering or manufacturing background
• Familiar with the processes, technology and value chains of a wide array of industries
• In depth industrial knowledge
• Rigorous analytical skills

The ideal candidate would have the following expertise

• A Masters’ degree in Economics or Industrial Policy or equivalent;
• A minimum of 10 years’ experience in the field of industrial policy and organization at National and Regional levels;
• At least five years’ experience in proven research work, with specific focus on industrial development including value chains, value addition including facilitation of cross border industrial development issues as well as SMEs development;
• Demonstrable experience in capacity building in industrial policy or statistics at regional level
• Demonstrable knowledge of or experience in industrial competitiveness issues.