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Assistant Project Assets Manager

Job Description and Requirements

Principal Objective: 

Provides technical advice, guidance, and 
recommendations for facility assessment. Works independently and performs 
a variety of complicated facility evaluations by applying 
architectural and engineering standards, practices, and techniques. 
The Facility Assessor at this level regularly exercises his/her familiarity of 
company and project practices and procedures and is experienced in project 
mobilization, setup, and orientation procedures. The 
incumbent is viewed as a fully qualified professional with solid 
experience and technical expertise in performing the duties of either an 
architectural/civil facility condition assessment assessor or a mechanical, 
electrical and plumbing assessor. Assessors are responsible for visually 
evaluating the architectural/MEP building systems and noting any deficient 
conditions. Extensive travel is required. 

Major Activities Performed:

  • Proficiency in locating, evaluating, and reporting on 
    the current conditions of major building systems, property assessment, and 
    their components.
  • Proficiency in quality control, generation of final 
    client reports and assessment capital asset planning software, including 
    the ability to demonstrate software in the client setting.
  • Provides independent, professional recommendations for 
    remaining service life and recommends appropriate actions associated with 
    deficient conditions.
  • Conducts the inventory of building components and 
    identify deficient conditions for a variety of building types
  • Recommends corrective actions for associated deficient 
    conditions in sufficient detail to support cost estimates.
  • Provides written narrative descriptions about the 
    general condition of systems.
  • Provides quality control for field surveys, data input 
    and report output.
  • Communicates with the management team on schedule and project 
  • Assists with the development of assessment findings 
  • Completes data forms utilizing the UNIFORMAT II 
    Classification standards.
  • Reviews and interprets drawings.
  • Provides training and guidance to assigned personnel as 
  • Participates in client presentations as required.


Experience and Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • A higher degree of MSc is preferable.
  • Ten years of relevant experience in the field of facility and building assessment.
  • Knowledge of US-EPA groundwater protection standards and experience with groundwater remediation.
  • Experience working for a regulatory agency is a plus.
  • Time management, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Relevant computer proficiency, experience in using Microsoft Office tools and any related software.