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Head Nurse

Job Description and Requirements

Job description / Role

Assumes a twenty-four hour responsibility for managing the human and material resources of the clinic in the best effective way in order to provide a proactive, safe and quality patient centered care in an environment which encourages staff to grow

- Maintains a flexible schedule to be available to staff members. 
- Provides a climate in which staff can readily participate in change or innovations. 
- Plan and support the integration of new staff. 
- Responsible for new Employee Orientation and probation period Evaluation. 
- Evaluates together with clinic mentors and assistant Head Nurse all new medical staff after probation period. 
- Responsible for the clinic staff meetings Liaison with Human Resources regarding staff: 
- New staff employment. 
- Payroll. 
- Appraisal. 
- Disciplinary and grievance actions. 
- Work as part of the Facility Management Team in accordance with policy. 
- Develops safety, cleanliness, and security standards for the clinic, responsible for the clinic Infection control programs. 
- Regularly evaluates and monitors the use and replacement of equipment and supplies, meaning responsible for: 
- Supplies ordering. 
- Stock control. 
- Evaluation of new products. 
- Training on new products. 
- Promote Diaverum product strategy. 
- Uses supplies and resources in a cost-effective manner. 
- Maintenance of water plant, monitors and all other medical- as well as other equipment. 
- Manage patient planning: Scheduling. 
- Transport. 
- Holiday dialysis. 
- Transfers/Discharges. 
- Out-patient investigations. Laboratory tests. 
- Interviews and assists with selection of staff for the clinic. 
- Conducts timely performance evaluations for each staff member. 
- Appoint suitable staff to all necessary clinic assignments. 
- Counsels employees and advises the Area Manager of appropriate actions. 
- Makes staff schedule changes to adjust for patient acuity levels and adequate clinic coverage. 
- Advises and informs staff about implementation of Clinical Policies and Procedures. 
- Keeps the Area Manager and Medical Director informed of problems or personnel issues. 
- Promotes open and participative communication among staff.


- Registered Nurse, Bachelor Degree in Nursing 
- Minimum of 5 years experience in dialysis 
- Minimum 2 years experience as Head Nurse Assistant 
- Successfully passed a Hemodialysis Training Program 
- Certified in BCLS and preferably in ACLS 
- Certified and registered with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. 
- Good communication skill preferably both in English and Arabic 
- Computer Literate