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Consultant Embryologist

Job Description and Requirements

Job description / Role

Consultant Embryologist is fully responsible to provide high standard of clinical care and expertise in assessment, investigation, diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to growth and development of human embryos. He should actively take part in continuous quality improvement activities of the department and hospital to achieve the goals of HMG.

- Will be responsible for managing the assigned clinics as per the approved Rota by the Medical Director. 
- Will be responsible for initial assessment, requesting investigation"analyzing the rest results, diagnosis, treatment, and re-assessment on follow- up. 
- Will admit the patients under his/ her care whenever indicated within the limits of the approved and assigned privileges 
- Will prescribe or administer therapy, medication, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness or disease 
- Will explain procedures and discuss diagnostic results or prescribed treatments with the patients and his/ her attendants. 
- Will be responsible for monitoring the patients' condition and progress and re-evaluate/ re-assessment and treat the patient accordingly. 
- Will refer patient to other specialists when necessary, also consult with, or provide consulting services to, other physicians whenever requested. 
- He/ She must take daily rounds for his/ her In-Patients and referred patients. 
- He/ She must write the patients complete medical record on time and also update the progress notes on same time. 
- He/ She should authenticate and sign the medical record/ progress notes with date, time and employee ID number, stamp every time. He! She must also review and countersign all junior medical staff notes related to his/ her patients. 
- He/ She will perform diagnostic or therapeutic procedures for which he/she is specifically privileged according to his/ her qualification, licenses, training & experience, 
- Will be responsible for approving the Discharge Summary, follow-ups,Medical Report of his/ her patients. 
- Will ensure the implementation of all the approved policies and procedures, rules, regulations, protocols and guidelines, clinical pathways that guide and support the provision of clinical services. 
- Will direct and coordinate activities of nurses, assistants, specialists,therapists, and other medical staff in patient care, 
- Will contribute to the development of policies and procedures as part of the continuous quality improvement of his/ her department. 
- Will serve on Departmental / Hospital Committees as requested. 
- Will ensure that Islamic Values and Medical Ethics are respected and strictly observed. 
- Will be On-Call as per hospital policy, as needed and will assume the duties of Coordinator of Department. 
- Will be responsible to attend the Code Blue if applicable) and should be involved in all other emergency codes of the hospital. 
- Will ensure that reports and information as required by the Coordinator of the Department/ Medical Director are provided. 
- Responsible for identifying and appropriately transferring all the Medico- 
- Legal Cases on time with all the proper documentation and information to the hospital management as per the hospital policy. 
- Participate in the provision of clinical / academic activities of the hospital


Professional Experience and Special Skills: 
- At least five (5) years of practice in his / her specialty after obtaining the higher degree in a Tertiary Care Hospital, 
- Subspecialty degree or structured subspecialty training preferred. 
- Excellent clinical/ technical skills in his/ her specialty 

Specialized Knowledge: 
- Knowledge of International / National Healthcare Standards. Computer Literate/ better knowledge of MS Microsoft Word 
- Excellent written and spoken Arabic and English 

Person Specification: 
- Demonstrated teaching skills in respect of junior medical staff, other staff, patients and their families. 
- Excellent interpersonal skills with all staff, patients and families. 
- Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences. 
- Ability to work effectively within a multi-disciplinary team. 
- Ability to work effectively within a service and organization committed to achieving accreditation.