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Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapy

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Job description / Role

Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapy - Rehabilitation, Riyadh Open for male or female

Allied Health Professionals

Occupational Therapy


To apply for a post through Professional Connections at this hospital you should hold a European, North American, Australian or New Zealand passport as we are contracted by our client hospital to source from these territories only. 

Join the most prestigious organization in The Middle East. 

Our client hospital which has a 2000 bed capacity, is based in the Central Region of Saudi Arabia. The facility includes the largest dedicated Children's Hospital in the Middle East which opened in June 2015. A state-of-the art developments such as Cardiac and Liver Center; Emergency Care and Trauma Center continues to be the best Trauma Care Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is ranked as the 4th Emergency Care Center outside the United States of America, to provide (PHTLS) Pre-Hospital Trauma and Life Support program. Dental, Ambulatory (Outpatient) Care, Long Term Care/ Rehabilitation, Other adult and pediatric services provided include: Surgical and Medical wards, Oncology. Obstetrics and Gynecology (Labor and Delivery, Oncology, Antenatal and Post Partum wards); Oncology, Neonatal ICU, Operating Rooms, Ambulatory Care Center, Home Health Care Program, VIP Wards, Royal Suite, College of Medicine and Nursing College.


Job Title:Clinical Specialist,Occupational Therapy
Responsible to: Supervisor,Occupational Therapy

Basic Function: 

Within the mission,vision and values of Saudi Arabian National Guard-Health Affairs,the Clinical Specialist, Occupational Therapy provides Occupational Therapy intervention at a specialized level which is in accordance with JCIA standards and NGHA policies and procedures.

Main Areas Of Responsibility:

• Provide specialty Occupational Therapy advice, assessment and treatment for patients as per JCIA standards and in line with the NGHA standards and procedures.
• Coordinate the day to day operational work load within the-defined clinical area ensuring effective and efficient patient care and service is provided.
• Assess the level of intellectual, physical, mental and social development of adult and pediatric patients and evaluate patient's performance capacity, providing education and training to patients and families in activities of daily living.
• Select and use adaptive equipment and therapeutic programs in areas of physical disability, congenital handicaps and mental dysfunction to assist in normal development patterns.
• Participate in patient home visits prior to discharge to determine supply and capacity needs for function at home.
• Take a principal role in providing treatment for VIP's and patients referred from the Business Centre.
• Contribute to monitoring and evaluating clinical performance of team areas,supporting team members in making clinical decisions and ensuring implementation of departmental guidelines.
• Maintain comprehensive written notes on patients progress for review by other members of the patient care team.
• Liaise with medical staff to ensure the role of occupational therapy is integrated across hospital services and act as lead response for clinical divisions as appropriate.
• Provide key input in the development of occupational therapy guidelines,protocol and other programmes in the specialty area including the continuous team in-service programme.
• Review and update clinical standards of practice in specialty are a ensuring alignment with national and international regulations and liaise with the Quality Management Specialist to develop and monitor clinical indicators for specialty area to ensure correct delivery of care.
• Comply with the Health Informatics System procedure utilizing appropriate methods of operation and technical requirements.
• Coordinate and contribute to the following required departmental activities:

- Audit Processes,Quality Improvements and Emergency Training
- Departmental team meetings,senior team meetings and ward rounds/ward meetings
- Staff management related issues such as monthly peer audit,performance evaluation and training (including the design and coordination of training programmes in the specialty area for assigned staff) as required.

• Ensure safe and efficient working equipment, reporting faults and problems through the appropriate channels.
• Perform other job related duties as required.


• Employees occupying positions assigned to Benefit Group I will be contracted on Accompanied Status Contract with up to three (3) Eligible Dependents, one of whom must be a Spouse, and will receive the following benefits as outlined below. Should the spouse also be an Employee, there will be no pyramiding of benefits.
• Air Transport On Initial Mobilization: Air transport for expatriate employees and their eligible dependents from designated airport to employment site on initial mobilization. 
• Executive Director and their eligible dependents are eligible for First Class Ticketing. Associate Executive Director and their eligible dependents are is eligible for Business Class Ticketing. 
• All other employees and their eligible dependents under this benefit group are entitled to Excursion Economy Class Ticketing. 
• Excess Baggage Allowance: A fixed amount for excess baggage during mobilization and demobilization shall be granted, based on the country of origin, for employee and their eligible dependents. 
• Annual Merit Increase: Merit increase is computed based on percentage/step. 
• End of Service Award: End of Service Award consisting of one-half (1/2) month's basic salary for each of the first five years of service and one (1) month's basic salary for each year of service thereafter. 
• Re-contracting Bonus for Nursing Staff & Some of Allied Health/ Clinical Positions: Staff who has worked for a year with the Program and re-contracts for another year will be granted a bonus equivalent to one (1) month of his/her basic salary prior to re contracting date. 
• Repatriation Ticket: Air Transport from work site (.e.g. Riyadh) to designated International Airport for repatriating expatriate employees and their eligible dependents, who either completed the contract, was terminated by the program, or has resigned after probationary period only.

Ticketing Class entitlements are the same as mentioned in paragraph 1 above:

• Annual Ticket: Upon completion of the first contract year and upon re contracting for a minimum of one (1) additional year, round trip air transport for the expatriate employee and eligible dependents from Program site to designated airport and return. 

- Ticketing Class entitlements are the same as mentioned in paragraph 1 above. 

• Housing Accommodation: Housing accommodation shall be provided by the Employer to expatriate employees and their eligible dependents based on their eligibility and housing availability. 

- Housing Allowance: Employees who are either not offered or provided of housing by the Program will be eligible to receive Housing Allowance of 25% of the employee's annual basic salary but not exceeding SR 20,000. 

• Transportation Allowance: Employees who do not occupy a Program-provided housing and who are not offered transportation to and from work will be eligible to receive a monthly Transportation Allowance of SR 400. 

- Transportation Services: Transportation services from Program-assigned housing to work and back, where available. 
- Business Leaves and Travel Allowance: Business Leaves and Travel Allowance shall be provided in accordance with existing guidelines and policies of National Guard Health Affairs. 

• Mid-Year Benefits (Limited to Employees on Single Marital Status only): Mid-year benefit is limited to employees under this Benefit Group who are on Single Marital Status only. Any changes in benefits will take effect upon re contracting.

- Nursing Staffs will be entitled to both mid-year air ticket and post leave (10) consecutive calendar days in paid leave status. 
- Allied Health Professionals will be entitled to choose either midyear air ticket or post leave (10) consecutive calendar days in paid leave status. 
- Administrative, Support Staffs, and the rest will be entitled to post leave (10) consecutive calendar days in paid leave status. 
- Mid-year Air ticket will be entitled as discussed in paragraph 1 above, a round trip Excursion Economy Class ticket from the employee site to London or to an alternative destination of lesser or equivalent expense. This benefit is subject to the employee scheduling the leave according to the operational needs of the Program. 

• Dependent Children Educational Allowance:The Employer will pay for the actual costs of required academic expenses including tuition, examination fees, lodging and books directly related to tuition, based on the billing documents provided by the school for each eligible dependent child in Grades 1 through 12 attending any accredited school, either in the Kingdom or abroad, up to SR23,000 per school year. Each eligible dependent child in Grades 10, 11 or 12 who are studying outside or inside the Kingdom will receive an additional SR 5,000 and entitled to a yearly round trip Student Fare Class ticket to employment site from the location of the school. 

• Uniforms: Uniforms will be provided for specific positions approved by the National Guard Health Affairs. 

• Medical and Dental Care: Basic medical and emergency dental care normally provided by the Program will be provided free to all employee and their eligible dependents based on availability and referral by a Program-employed physician, excluding over-the-counter drugs, medications and supplies. 

• Leaves and Holidays :

- Annual Leave: 30 calendar days of paid Annual Leave per contract year. 
- Holidays: 11 working days of paid Holidays inclusive of Eid Al Fitr, Hajj, and Saudi National Day. 
- Compassionate Leave: Paid Compassionate Leave of seven (7) calendar days, without airline ticket, in the event of death of employee's parent, spouse, or child. 
- Administrative Leave: Six (6) calendar days of Administrative Leave each contract year in lieu of incurred overtime and on-call pay. Administrative is not accruable and has to be taken within contract year otherwise it will be forfeited.
- Sick Leave: Properly documented sick leave with full pay for up to 30 calendar days; and an additional 60 calendar days at 75% of salary, during each year of service. 
- Maternity Leave: Paid Maternity Leave of up to forty-five (45) days for a married female employee on Accompanied Status Contract.



• Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy or related equivalent from an accredited university - E
• Post graduate education in specialty area - E
• Must be a registered/licensed Occupational Therapist from country of origin - E
• Minimum of five (5) years post graduate experience with at least two (2) years in area of specialization in a comparable health care facility/organization - E
• English Language Skills: Level I - E
• Computer Skills: Level II - E