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Construction Manager

Job Description and Requirements
  • *Job Summary**

The post holder is responsible for coordinating with: Project Manager where applicable, Contractor, Supervision Consultant and Other EMPO Department Managers and reports to the Project Manager. 

The post holder will be responsible for several projects within one or more geographical areas. 

The post holder is responsible for project site-based Construction Department Staff including: The Project Coordinator/Interface Manager, Senior Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer and Mechanical Engineers. 

The post holder manages the onsite construction activities through the Site Supervision Consultant, where applicable. 

Coordinate and Interact with other functional departments within the EPMO and with 3rd party stakeholders in relation to Technical, Financial, Safety, Quality, program and other elements of a project, to ensure their success. 

The post holder will actively support EPMO and Construction staff professional development ensuring they have access to the best available training regime led by industry recognized training staff. 

Ensure there are clear lines of communication and reporting with an emphasis on meeting deadlines and developing transparency in all operations. Leading by example with high ethical standards and is recognized for their accessibility by all EPMO and Construction staff. 

Job Duties: 

+ Supervises day-to-day construction activities; 

+ Reviews construction progress; 

+ Reviews construction invoices; 

+ Assesses the resource requirements for the assigned projects and setting the deployment timelines in coordination with Construction Managers and Project Managers; 

+ Ensures the deployment of the required resources to projects, as per the set timeline and in coordination with Construction Managers and Project Managers; 

+ Ensures the deployment and use of standardized NPMO procedures, process, tools and templates; 

+ Identifies and deploys project supplementary procedures, tools and templates, if not available within NPMO; 

+ Ensures the integration of SAC Saudi EPMO staff within the Project Team and participate in their regular assessment/ appraisals to assure knowledge transfer and recommends modification as needed to meet career path end goals; 

+ Supports the identification, documentation and analyzation of risks, in consultation with other stakeholders as the basis for risk planning; 

+ Takes an active, personal role in the establishment, implementation and management of project and office Environmental Management Systems and Procedures; 

+ Reviews the construction aspects of submitted PEP from Contractors for his assigned projects; 

+ Implements and maintains agreed communication networks between project staff, SAC and other stakeholders to ensure effective communications throughout the project; 

+ Manages and ensures subordinate staff are performing their duties and have the competencies and skills needed to effectively perform assigned tasks to support successful project delivery; 

+ Overviews Contractors and Subcontractors operational performance on day to day activities identifying obstacles/risks and recommending mitigations to ensure delivery as per Contract Requirements; 

+ Works on the preparation of regular Construction Department reports; 

+ Populates and shares lessons learned from projects, including any recommendations for improvement; 

+ Supports or develops recommendations and action plans to resolve issues affecting or likely to affect the successful execution of works; 

+ Supports the project quality objectives, standards and levels, in line with the project quality management plan; 

+ Leads the Construction team in the management of the Construction activities on site; 

+ Ensures that staff within the EPMO Program Construction Department have the required knowledge, skills, competencies and experience in order to reach EPMOs objectives; 

+ Promotes adherence to accountabilities and activities defined in the departments scope of work while providing direction and guidance; 

+ Ensures that all contractual procedures are implemented and maintained; and 

+ Enforces all policies relating to Health, Safety and Environmental practices.

  • *Minimum Requirements**

+ Minimum 15 years professional experience on large scale projects including having previously worked in a similar role. 

+ Minimum experience of working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or other Middle East Countries preferred. 

+ Good Arabic and English communication skills. 

+ Demonstrated knowledge and experience in respect to familiarization with international standards, codes and procedures related to the construction of infra structure and building projects. 

+ Knowledge of all phases of Construction operations relating to field activities of engineering disciplines, construction technologies and job site management.

  • *Preferred Qualifications**

+ Bachelors degree in Engineering or related scientific field from an accredited university.