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GIS Web Developer

Job Description and Requirements
  • *Job Summary**

The post holder typically works as part of a team of software developers to develop GIS applications and tools and maintain software programs to support the needs of the SAC systems. 

The post holder will be responsible for analysing land and aerial imagery or using databases to create specialized maps, such as weather, seismic, or population-based maps. Developers may also help the EPMO and SAC to interpret data, identify trends, and highlight patterns. GIS developers also maintain and troubleshoot existing systems, as well as upgrading software. 

The post holder will ensure there are clear lines of communication and reporting with an emphasis on meeting deadlines and developing transparency in all operations. Leading by example with high ethical standards and is recognized for their accessibility by all EPMO and GIS staff. 

Job Duties: 

+ Responsible for programming, creating new tools and interfaces; 

+ Works with GIS Manager to identify the conceptual system requirements through completion; 

+ Works with GIS Manager to plan, design, schedule, write, and debug software for web sites; 

+ Works with GIS Manager to plan, design, schedule, write, and debug database stored procedures and complex queries to extract, calculate or manipulate information; 

+ Works with GIS Manager to integrate back-end database code with business applications. 

+ Presents information to EPMIO and SAC and other stakeholders in verbal or written format; 

+ Ensures quality and continuous improvement through innovation; 

+ Promotes adherence to accountabilities and activities defined in the departments scope of work; 

+ Ensures that all contractual procedures are implemented and maintained; and 

+ Enforces all policies relating to Health, Safety and Environmental practices.

  • *Minimum Requirements**

+ Minimum of 5 years experience in programming, GIS applications based on ESRI technology using ArcGIS Desktop10.2 ArcGIS Server10.2, ArcObject ArcGIS API for Silverlight, Flex, Java Script, ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Mobile, ArcSDE10.2 for MS SQL Server, Visual Studio.NET and C# language; 

+ Programming in web languages (JavaScript, VBScript, VB, ArcXML, HTML, Avenue, Java); 

+ A strong understanding of client server technology, server architecture, and network protocol and standards; 

+ Web design and visual communication; 

+ Strong communication skills (with other analysts, the EPMO and SAC); 

+ Ability to work in a culturally diverse work group;

  • *Preferred Qualifications**

+ Bachelors or Masters degree in a study such as GIS sciences geography, computer science, surveying and engineering, forestry or Earth sciences.