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Senior Planning Engineer

Job Description and Requirements
  • *Job Summary**

Reporting operationally to the Control & Monitoring Section Manager, the Senior Planning Engineer provides technical support and guidance to the Planning Engineer and manages schedule development, maintenance, monitoring and 

mitigation / acceleration proposals. 

The Senior Planning Engineer reviews, analyses and validates contractors schedules through Primavera software, undertaking health checks of the schedules to identify opportunities and risks and also to manage interfaces across 


The Senior Planning Engineer will implement and drive Schedule Management activities across all projects within the SAC EPMO program. 

This role supports the respective delivery schedules and requires the application of personal drive and motivation to influence behaviours and achieve targeted outcomes. 

The role requires interfacing with other functional department (Strategic Planning & Studies, Engineering, Contracts, Construction, HSE, Quality, Testing & Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance). 

Job Duties: 

+ Provides comments and recommendations for schedule requirements relative to staffing and project control. 

+ Develops and maintains the Master Schedule for all projects. 

+ Establish milestones for each project and capture key milestones in the Master Schedule. Analyse comparisons of project scope, quantities and cost to ensure consistency. 

+ Undertake productivity analysis of key construction operations. 

+ Establish the productivity basis to be utilised in estimates. 

+ Support project teams in reviewing contractor schedules and verify their compliance with the contract requirements. 

+ Analyse the preceding activities to support the delivery of key project milestones, identify any milestones that are at risk and with the project team identify proposed opportunities to correct / mitigate any delays. 

+ Support all tender processes to ensure that the schedule evaluations are robust and appropriate for the works and that the tender documentation is captured / mirrors the Master Schedule. 

+ Manage the Master Schedule to integrate multi-contractual projects to identify interfaces and potential restrictions in overall delivery. 

+ Review and verify weekly and monthly project reports to identify consistency of schedule data. 

+ Develop / maintain the project control schedule procedures to support overall delivery. 

+ Perform project schedule reviews and identify any opportunities to improve the project schedules or to reduce the potential impact of a known risk. Communicate to the project team for agreement. 

+ Preparing and presenting with the project team any schedule impact reports. Develop with the project team proposed schedule recovery plans, including the impact on resources. Liaise with the Cost Section Manager to identify cost impact 

+ due to the schedule effects. 

+ Undertake project health checks with the project planners to confirm that they are working in accordance with the SAC 

+ schedule update procedure and contractual requirements plus confirm that all schedules have been backed up and a 

+ copy saved as part of the historical records in case of dispute. 

+ Interfaces with designated management counterparts for specific cost presentations. 

+ Participates in developing and presenting training classes on designated subjects and on-the- job training for specific processes and practices. 

+ Conducts personnel performance reviews when delegated. Interviews candidates and makes recommendations for employment decisions.

  • *Minimum Requirements**

+ Minimum 12 years of experience in construction/engineering. 

+ Experience in schedule development, monitoring and reviewing. 

+ Significant experience with Primavera software (P6). 

+ Skilled in understanding technical processes, engineering drawings, quantity determinations and mathematical and financial reports. 

+ Knowledge in supervision, personnel administration and training of technical and non-technical personnel. 

+ Good knowledge of working contracts. 

+ Advanced level of knowledge of engineering, procurement, contracts, construction and start-up work processes.

  • *Preferred Qualifications**

+ Bachelors degree in construction management / engineering or related discipline. 

+ Skilled in oral and written communication.