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Systems Integration Manager

Job Description and Requirements
  • *Job Summary**

The Systems Integration Manager (SIM) will serve at the primary point of contact on day to day management of the integration of the IT systems into the Land Ports. 

The SIM will be responsible for the effective implementation of the Technology Systems into new Land Ports. 

The SIM will provide cross functional support to other departments as it relates to Technology Systems throughout the life of the EPMO. 

The SIM will be the primary point of contact with SAC IT for the timely procurement of the specialized IT equipment. 

The SIM shall provide leadership and specialized advice to SAC for the effective implementation and integration of new technologies into the land ports. 

The SIM is responsible for:

  • Management of the IT equipment procurement interface with SAC IT;
  • Management of IT systems design;
  • Management of IT systems implementation;
  • Integration of IT systems in service;
  • Bring into effect the Basis of Design as it relates to IT systems.
  • *Role Responsibilities:**

The SIM will lead and oversee the following: 

+ Day to day management of the design, procurement co-ordination and implementation of specialist IT systems for the SAC Program. 

+ Preparation of the Engineering department processes and procedures in line with the NPMO methodology as they relate to systems integration. 

+ Interface management of key SAC IT stakeholders and SAC Procurement for definition and delivery of specialized technologies 

+ Manage appropriate interdisciplinary design reviews as they relate to specialized technologies 

+ Assist in reviewing proposals for engineering design contracts 

+ Assist in setting up prequalifications criteria for the A/E companies. 

+ Assist in preparation of scope of work for engineering design RFP 

+ Oversee the development of Standard Design Criteria, Specifications and details of IT related disciplines 

+ Management of the Architectural/Engineering (A/E) companies engineering deliverables and scope of work as they relate to IT related disciplines, ensuring design is carried done on time, on budget and complete in line with SAC requirements, and for meetings and design review. 

+ Oversee the review and comments on deliverables by A/E companies of IT related disciplines 

+ Support for the preparation and evaluation of construction RFP and proposals 

+ Support for the preparation and evaluation of construction Tender documents and received tender proposals from bidding contractors 

+ Review and approve proposed design changes, addendum and change notices and claims arising from awarded construction contracts of IT related disciplines 

+ Assign site engineers to projects (where required) for the effective installation, test and commission of IT related elements. 

+ Provide technical support to construction teams of IT related disciplines. 

+ Provide the necessary support to the team assessing the status of ongoing projects 

+ Participate in the assessment of Land ports facilities and review current operational methodology 

+ Collaborate with projects controls 

+ Collaborate with Strategic Planning and Studies department in the preparation of project delivery strategy. 

+ Assist in maintaining engineering delivery schedule and monthly engineering reports. 

+ Assess the capability of SAC existing engineering staff and assigning appropriate roles and responsibilities of IT related disciplines 

+ Mentor, coach and delegate work to Senior Engineers / Architects and ensure they can and are completing their tasks of IT related activities.

  • *Minimum Requirements**

+ Thorough knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of state of art technologies in major projects. 

+ Thorough knowledge and experience of Integration Management technologies for similar projects. 

+ Prior experience in the full technology delivery chain from Master Planning to Test & Commission 

+ Prior engagement with commercial and public-sector stakeholders. 

+ Previous experience of working with other disciplines and understanding of civil engineering, transportation, infrastructure, architecture, landscape architecture, contracts and construction 

+ Previous experience in the design, operations and construction industries 

+ Proficient knowledge of procurement, contracts and quality assurance. 

+ Previous experience of working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or other Middle East Countries. 

+ Mentoring and knowledge transfer experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or other Middle East Countries. 

+ PMP qualification preferred (not mandatory)

  • *Preferred Qualifications**

+ Bachelors / Masters Degree in relevant field from an accredited western university 

+ Minimum 25 years experience in related integration management field 

+ Minimum 10 years' experience in major projects within the GCC. 

+ Demonstrated technical knowledge of systems integration, methods, and procedures 

+ Proven leadership capability 

+ Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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