Saudi Aramco
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Petrochemical Market Analysis Specialist - Saudi Aramco

Job Description and Requirements

You are required to perform the following:

  • Understand petrochemicals business market dynamics in terms of supply/demand balances, operating rates and global and regional business dynamics.
  • Engage business intelligence services globally to understand the full vertical supply chain from multiple chemical products, from commodities to differentiated commodities, and some specialties chemicals.
  • Assess the competitiveness of multiple products derived from the basic building blocks and the best way to evaluate and select product for investment, and generate short reports based on press releases, news services, or other chemical market intelligence.
  • Reports would include very brief analysis and a sourcing information.
  • Develop a database for storing this information. Support the Project, Ventures and Sales team to determine pricing and market dynamics for the different products part of Saudi Aramco s Chemical strategy.
  • Collaborate with internal departments like Strategy & Market Analysis (S&MA), FPD and Law on products and market analytics, and chemicals market trend.
  • Work in partnership with R&D and Engineering on market dynamics for new developments.
  • Understand and track the different manufacturing technologies for the major commodities and monitor reports of new products and technologies.
  • Support Project teams with product selection and volume definition in coordination with the LP Modeling Team and the Finance Team. Participate in site visits to Saudi Aramco facilities as well as visits to the sites of potential partnership companies.
  • Develop a strategic understanding sufficient to evaluate potential partnership opportunities and participate in M&A or JV formation due diligence process on Market studies.
  • Serve as a mentor to support the development of promising young engineers.