Saudi Aramco
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Gas Reservoir Management - Saudi Aramco

Job Description and Requirements

You are required to perform the following:

  • Provide guidance and oversight on best-in-class reservoir management tenets, practices and state-of-the art- technologies for all Saudi Aramco hydrocarbon assets.
  • Formulate reservoir development, data acquisition, strategic surveillance and monitoring master-plans to ensure optimal development and depletion strategies.
  • Utilize reservoir management standards and guidelines to enhance both NPV and hydrocarbon recovery.
  • Lead, design and participate in integrated field reviews and field development plans.
  • Prepare reservoir engineering input into drilling and work-over proposals and programs.
  • Recommend advanced completion techniques for horizontal and multi-lateral wells.
  • Lead and participate in reservoir engineering studies that include reservoir stimulation modeling of various IOR processes for improvement of ultimate recovery.
  • Participate in technical societies and technical groups.
  • Train and mentor young engineers.