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Bus Vehicle Specialist (Engineer)

Job Description and Requirements
  • *Job Summary**

The Procurement, Operation, Maintenance services (O&M) will be provided by a third-party contractor to the client under a turnkey provision of all operations of Makkah Bus Network Phase 1. The O&M Contractor is expected to provide drivers (hiring and training), vehicle operations; deployment/scheduling/event and special planning, road supervision, dispatching, service monitoring, maintenance of vehicles, fuel, fueling of vehicles, cleaning and washing of vehicles, procuring vehicles and associated Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies and for the design and construction of the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) bus maintenance facility. A second third party contractor will provide all design and build services for the achievement of the BRT and Network routes including Bus shelters, highway design and alteration. 

The role of the PMCM is to oversee all plans associated with the contracted deliverables of the Bus O&M provider and the Bus Infrastructure provider; assisting in the development of a compliant and sustainable operation of bus services which will allow Makkah to achieve its Transport Plan obligations. 

The role of the PMCM Bus Vehicle Specialist is to oversee all plans associated with the contracted Bus Vehicle procurement and management of deliverables of both the Bus O&M provider and the infrastructure provider where they impact vehicles, to assist in the development of a compliant and sustainable operation of buses and their associated services including maintenance planning which will allow Makkah to achieve its Transport Plan obligations. 

Job Duties: 

+ Lead the review at each stage of the testing, commissioning and handover of Bus vehicles and associated equipment 

+ Lead the review of the Contractors Testing and Commission Plan (TCP) and provide written comments including but not limited to; critical equipment list, integrated testing, safety, security and emergency preparedness, operations and maintenance manuals, drawings, specification and requirements definition review, training, as-built drawings and warranty administration 

+ Supervise the testing of bus and recovery vehicles in the factory and on-site 

+ Review and report on the Vehicle testing procedures of each O&M and integrated element ensuring adherence to performance specifications 

+ Supervise the Contractors Trial operations and maintenance processes and procedures 

+ Lead the review and acceptance of maintenance manuals and handover, recommending approval to the client 

+ Review the spare parts, special tools and test and diagnostic equipment provided by each Contractor and verify compliance with the clients requirements and contract 

+ Review and recommend approval of the contractors and or other third party safety and security certification plan (SSCP) for the system 

+ Ensure All elements of ITS designed by the respective Contractor and fitted to vehicles is reviewed to ensure that it will meet or exceed the required functionality and scope both individually and collectively (i.e. are integrated) 

+ Witness factory tests, installation tests, system tests, burn-in tests as required by the Client, in accordance with each Contractors Acceptance Test Plan and Procedures (ATPP) 

+ Review and approve materials, 

+ Respond to Contractors technical request for clarifications and resolve conflicts pertaining to specifications 

Specific Skills Required: 

+ A thorough knowledge of the bus industry and bus vehicle procurement, delivery, service and maintenance requirements is required, with particular emphasis on the maintenance aspects, with ideally knowledge of the bus industry in the Middle East. Knowledge of cultures from across the world will be helpful when dealing with staff from different backgrounds. 

+ A considerable technical skill level built up over many years will be invaluable in this role both in providing and applying technical knowledge. Skills gained in the Middle East will be particularly useful. 

+ Staff management skills will be essential. 

+ Candidate must according to the location be a Muslim team member 

+ Candidate should be able to converse in English and Arabic. 

+ Requirement for driving license preferred 

+ Professional Certifications or associations in a transport field

  • *Minimum Requirements**

+ 10 years in management of bus operations 

+ A good understanding of the Middle Eastern culture in which the bus service is to operate is important 

+ Candidate must be prepared to work in Makkah for a minimum of one year on the project

  • *Preferred Qualifications**