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Executive Secretary

Job Description and Requirements

 Tasks and responsibilities:

 - The Director  of the Office of the Director-General  shall be in the absence of his presence  due to the conditions  of travel, sickness, vacations or vacancy

 - Preparation  of the schedule and the monthly work of the Director

General and the Executive Director

  - Preparation  of the weekly plan for the work of the Director General and the Executive  Director

  - Maintain the overall appearance  of the Office of Senior Management  in terms of cleanliness  and arrangement

 - Welcoming  and welcoming  senior management  visitors

 - Coordination  of the interview schedule for the Director General and the

Executive  Director

 - Editing and printing letters and correspondence  for senior management

 - Maintenance  and maintenance  of all files of the Office of senior management  in a manner that ensures the safety and speed of the call

- Receiving  and directing the mail and fax in the name of senior management  and presenting  it to the specialist and indexing these documents

 - Receiving,  directing and sending e-mail messages to senior management and indexing these messages

 - Registration  of mail and fax issued by the Office of Senior Management and indexing of outgoing faxes

 - Writing minutes of all meetings and meetings, for which the Director

General or the Executive  Director  is a party

 - Preparation  for meetings of senior management  or periodic meetings and the coordination  and processing  of all documents  and documents relating to the subject of the meeting

 - Assisting  senior management  in all work not included  in this description based on personal request

 - Receiving  and conducting telephone  calls of the senior management office and indexing phone numbers and addresses

 - Organizing  and indexing the internal reports received from the departments  and other departments  and presenting  them to the Director General or the Executive Director and follow up the decision of the Director General or the Executive Director thereon and record them in their own records

 - Ensure that all office and electrical devices are in a continuous  working condition,  and ask maintenance  personnel from inside and outside the company and follow-up maintenance  work for all office equipment  in the senior management  office

 - Ensure that all stationery and writing tools are available for senior management  and personnel  in the senior management  office

 - Invite invitations to participants  in meetings convened  by the Director

General or the Executive  Director and register this on special forms

 - Booking of travel tickets, hotels and entry tickets for exhibitions  of senior management  and organizing  business trips

 - Educate and guide the assistant secretaries and raise their professional level to qualify them to take responsibility  after being promoted  and submit their performance  evaluation reports

- Writing a weekly report to show what has been done and what has been postponed  with a statement of reason and submitted to the Director of the Office

 - All of the above must be done in accordance  with the formal procedure adopted by the Executive  Secretariat

 - The Executive  Secretary is responsible  for the maintenance  of all

records of the quality models of the Executive  Secretariat  and all its work is subject to internal review


 Scope of Responsibility  and Supervision:

 The executive  secretary of the senior management  must issue the loading orders and the work orders. He is responsible  and supervisor of:

 1- Hygiene  factor

2 - buffet worker

3- Special driver of the general manager or executive director

4 - direct assistants to the Executive  Secretary

5. Delegates  in the Office of the Director-General



The executive  secretary of the senior management  would prefer to have any of the following previous experiences:

 - At least 5 years experience  in secretarial work, at least one year in a similar job position  (external experience)

 - Three years experience  as assistant secretary (experience  within the company)



- Arabic

Fluent speaking and writing with mastery of expressive  writing

- English

Very good at least speaking and writing with the proficiency  of written writing (Technical  Writing)



 The executive  secretary of senior management  must be skilled in the following  skills:

1 - Save and recall documents  and documents (Filling Skills)

2. Organizing  meetings, preparing the agenda and writing the minutes

(Organizing  & Preparing  for Business Meeting)

3 - dealing with computers and desktop computers professionally

4 - dealing with the program  (MS Word) professionally  and quickly write at least 40 words / minutes

5 - dealing with the program  (Outlook Express) professionally

6 - dealing with the program (Power Point) and the preparation  of slides and presentations  (Presentations)

7 - dealing with Internet browsers professionally

8 - dealing with printing devices and photocopying,  faxes, paper napkins and packaging  machines  very good

9 - Medium management  skills to manage those under the supervision and distribution  of work on them

10. Effective  communication  skills and communication  of information  to specialists and non-specialists

11 - Ability to accomplish  and perform more than one work in a single time without confusion

12 - Preparation  of appropriate  expression  formulations  for correspondents  in Arabic and English