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Document Controller

Job Description and Requirements

Job description / Role

Job Summary

- The Document Controller establishes master filing systems, including copies of all drawing issues on design projects in Design Centers. 
- He ensures the implementation of archiving policies, procedures, and standards in the recording of all issued documents and drawings.

Organize and Archive Documents

- Most Document Controllers will perform some type of document storage duties. 
- This may involve scanning documents, copying documents, physically or electronically filing documents, organizing documents and ensuring documents are saved and safeguarded from theft or destruction. 
- It also usually requires Document Controllers to adhere to a retention schedule, meaning they must know the proper ways and times to destroy old documents.

Fulfill Document Retrieval Requests

- Document Controllers also handle the retrieval of documents either as directed by employees or clients. 
- There may be a records request system in place in which the Document Controller receives requests, logs the requests in a database system and then provides the requested materials or it may be more informal. 
- However the system is set up, Document Controllers must be able to quickly and efficiently retrieve documents and data when needed.

Maintain Documents

- Document Controllers often must edit or review documents. This is especially true when working in specialized areas like a bank's loan department, in a medical facility or an organization's contract division. If a Document Controller has an area of expertise, they will most likely use that experience to perform document control.
- They may do as little as check for signatures and dates or as much as drafting and editing sentences.

Train Employees

- Document Controllers may also be tasked with training employees in the proper way to create or fill out company documents. In large organizations, they may oversee a staff of document specialists and be responsible for training them on the documents and systems in place. 
- They may also assist clients with filling out the proper paperwork and with the filing process of the documents.

Key Responsibilities 

- Provide document control and organize a comprehensive filing system for
- All received and outgoing correspondence on design projects in accordance with corporate policies and procedures
- Maintain a record of submittals to the client and record the date of responses to the client
- Maintain a list of unanswered items of correspondence and circulate the list at regular intervals for reference
- Maintain a register of design manuals, vendor manuals, and design drawings
- Maintain copies of all programs submitted during the project and file copies of the client's drawings showing the progress of the works during the various stages of the design
- Maintain a register of all design drawings submitted by the client and update the status of review/approval of design drawings
- Record receipt of drawing revisions and distribute to the appropriate people
- Ensure that the most current version of drawing documents is being used
- Assist other members in the design team to set-up and maintain filing systems in an organized manner
- Ensure that back-up copies of the files are made on a regular basis in accordance with the corporate policies and procedures



- High School Diploma
- Bachelor degree in Business Administration is preferred


- Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
- Good secretarial skills and organizational abilities
- Ability to communicate effectively both internally and externally
- Good planning, organization and presentation capability
- Strong attention to details
- Proficiency in spoken and written Arabic & English
- Previous Saudi Aramco experience is an advantage

Experience Required to Execute this Role 

- 15+ years of experience in the graphic design field in a top tier regional/multinational company or graphic design firm