Al Diyafa Company for Catering Services
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Supply Chain Executive

Job Description and Requirements

• Ensure products movement from suppliers to retail outlets.
• Take inventory and analyse all documentation such as invoices, bills and other supply documents.
• Prepare shipping documentation.
• Analyse items and check the quality of materials before preparing them for dispatch.
• Solve customers’ complaints and problems.
• Make sure all supplies are sent on due time.
• Make sure goods reach the correct destination.
• Monitor the stock levels with FIFO system.
• Register all documents and handle customers and suppliers databases.
• Ensure compliance with supply chain activities standards and regulations.
• Establish and maintain collaborating relationships with customers, suppliers and supply chain staff.
• Keep maintenance within the warehouse.
• Perform research activities in order to identify new solutions for logistical challenges.
• Perform several clerical duties for management.
• Perform several clerical duties for management.
• Prepare reports concerning supply chain operations.
• Assist the supply chain manager in planning and organizing the distribution of goods.