Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFCO)
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Enterprises Content Management Coordinator

Job Description and Requirements

• Analyze the current state and document all gaps, issues, redundancies and end user’s needs. It should include input and perspective from multiple stakeholders within the organization. To design a robust architecture to meet the business requirements, fulfil any gaps and address issues.
• Work on removal of dependence on papers and to make documents/records digital from the point of creation.
• Define metadata, taxonomies, folksonomy topic maps, content models and top-down/bottom-up architectures of information with a focus on the role of content and what comprises it (objects, modules, etc.).
• Analyze how content travels both vertically through key business applications and horizontally from one user group to the next.
• Align, streamline and unify processes, removing redundancies and filling gaps, while simultaneously establishing a clear model of who owns and/or authors which pieces of content.
• Work with end user’s and IT on automatic routing of documents for comments/approvals. 
• Continuously work on user-adoption and perform Audits periodically throughout the life of the ECM to continually evaluate and improve it.
• Specify the set of systems required to support content for both Information Architecture and Business Process. 
• Develop a technical architecture model that shows the integration points between different systems and provide solution(s) to fill those gaps and/or addresses the business requirements. To work with end users to identify simple and uniform user interface for routine works.
• Liaise with IT teams to develop, test and roll out ECM/DMS and future improvements.
• Develop, implement and maintain policies and procedures for documents (records) management in line with best industry practices, regulatory and compliance requirements.
• To identify, categorize and code documents, perform quality control checks as needed, maintain files, and file/retrieve documents from hard copy filing systems in central archive.
• Electronic file indexing / archiving. (Ensure the orderly storage of documents / drawings in a controlled area with limited access and their expedient retrieval when requested).
• To work with various project teams and their contractors to plan, monitor, control the creation and update of engineering drawings, documents, correspondences and generate regular reports on them during various stages of projects.
• Coordinate and Verify digitization of Company’s documents / drawings and their transfer to storage media, DMS and archiving systems.
• Routinely perform periodic performance and quality checks:
- To enforce enterprise content and document management system requirements.
- On existing and new drawings / documents,
- On digitization of new and existing drawings/documents and
- On documents being uploaded properly to various Document management system modules.
- To continuously monitor access control rights, system login and logout, document creation and destruction, password changes etc. to improve security and reduce organizational risk.

• Management of various contractors related to Enterprise content/document management and archiving.
• Perform duties as assigned by superiors and keep them updated on progress, alert them of any abnormal/critical situation and seek advice on matters outside their authority.
• Coordinate with various agencies (IT, OEMs etc.) for administration and to manage changes / updates / improvements / capacity upgrades / implementing best practices of various software / hardware related to ECM/DMS and Central Archive.
• Participate in the selection process of new software / modules / packages and applications.
• Prepare design basis /collect and prepare end user business requirements for development / improvement in ECM/DMS.
• Liaise with I.T for programming activities and ensure that they have been achieved according to methodologies and procedures.
• Coordinate with I.T and end users for testing of various programs developed to eliminate errors and ensure that they are in conformance with blueprints & specifications.
• Keep informed of technological developments in the area of responsibility in order to identify and recommend opportunities for increased effectiveness and/or cost reduction
• Participate in the on-the-job training of trainees and newly hired personnel within the Section / Department to ensure that they develop the necessary I.T skills to independently carry out assigned activities.
• Comply with all relevant procedures of QAFCO Integrated Management System comprising of Occupational Health & Safety, Quality, Environment, Responsible Care, IFA Product Stewardship & Energy Management System.
• To generate regular reports on health, statistical usage, security and issues of all document management systems in place, recommend and implement solutions.

• Relevant certification from IRMS (Information and Records Management Society) or ARMA (Association of Records managers and Administrators) or equivalent will be an added advantage.
• Experience of Cimage, Fusion and SharePoint software is preferred.
• Should have very good skills in English for Communication & Report Writing.
• Good knowledge & ability to operate standard PC applications / MS Office.
• Ability to work on multiple tasks.
• Very well versed in Electronic documentation procedures.