Nakilat Keppel (NKOM)
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Business Development Analyst

Job Description and Requirements

Tools and Forecasts:
1. Monitor players in the market and assess potential moves and developments in their business development and investments 
2. Conduct research on market outlook, business opportunities, industry trends, and other players in the market and prepare reports and presentations interpreting the findings for management and other functions within the organization. 
3. Propose sound recommendation in regards of future positions and new business opportunities, based on thorough research and evaluations, and in line with corporate objectives. 

Commercial and Legal Documents

4. Oversee and lead the preparation of commercial and legal documents for new business opportunities, tenders, TCPS, JVAs, SHAs etc from the point of initial customer contact to signing of contracts

5. Conduct financial and commercial analysis and evaluations of potential business opportunities.
6. Develop and maintain internal financial models for analyzing business performance
7. Identify trends on various financial and operational performance and provide recommendations on ways of improvements. 
8. Suggest long-term strategies for different sectors that the company is involved in. 

Preparation of Budgets:
9. Work on the annual Capital Expenditure Budget and liaise with the Finance and Treasury divisions for any queries and problems that may arise.

Analytical Support:
10. Provide analytical support for any strategic initiatives and studies related to shipping that need to be conducted which may improve efficiency. 
11. Develop financial models, conducting financial statement analysis or any ad-hoc analysis to support these strategic initiatives which the organization is undertaking.

Value Assets:
12. Value assets by assessing the current condition and the future potential. 
Business Development:
13. Identify all relevant market opportunities and position Nakilat to capture them.

Generic Accountabilities:

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (QHSE):
14. Adhere to all relevant QHSE policies, procedures, instructions and controls so that NAKILAT provides a safe, world class, secure and environmentally responsible service to customers, the public and its own people.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures:
15. Implement approved policies, processes and procedures, and provide instructions to subordinates to ensure their proper implementation.
16. Examine and interpret data from various sources and understand the impact which this will have on a decision which has to be taken for making an investment.
17. Prepare and submit research reports to the senior management with new business opportunities and potential markets. 
18. Research similar shipping companies in the sector along with satellite corporations so as to make informed recommendations to the top management.
19. Collaborate with people across all levels of the organization to report, manage and monitor key operational and financial performance indicators.
20. Carry out any other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Key Result Areas
• Identify and Evaluate new business opportunities and prepare presentation packages for management 
• Lead the execution of new business opportunities
• Provide analytical support for strategic initiatives and studies
• Provide recommendations on operational improvements and business opportunities

• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any quantitative field 
• An MBA degree from a well-recognized university or a Master’s degree in Econometrics or Finance 

• Minimum 2 years of experience in in a shipping related field with exposure to shipping terminology, charters, COA’s and fundamentals such as standard voyage calculations and associated economics. 
• Minimum 4 – 8 years of experience in Corporate Finance role in shipping or finance sector preferably.

Job Specific Skills:
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a solid experience in economic analysis.
• Good understanding of legal and commercial documents
• Good knowledge of various analytical models and methodology
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint
• Experience in developing/monitoring budgets and forecasts
• Understanding of shipping markets and commercial issues
• Strong presentation and communication skills.