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Mechanical Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

* Knowledgeable of Facilities and Mechanical (non-rotating) engineering execution plans, procedures, objectives, and overall job requirements.
* Verifies that the FEED contractor staffs the Mechanical (non-rotating) team with adequate numbers of qualified personnel.
* Verifies that the FEED contractor employs the appropriate Mechanical (non-rotating) design tools, including computer hardware and software.
* Verifies that the FEED contractor adheres to all appropriate Mechanical (non-rotating) specifications and standards.
* Verifies that the FEED contractor provides all contract documents for Mechanical (non-rotating) scope, including those referred to in the contract.
* Verifies that the FEED contractor to controls the Mechanical (non-rotating) scope, i.e. accurate and timely progress measurement and reporting.
* Verifies that the FEED contractor complies with design verification processes.
* Advise the FEED contractor's Mechanical (non-rotating) engineering and design organization with respect to:
* Compliance with company policies for prevention of information brokering and compliance with business standards guidelines.
* Engineering and design procedures, processes, and deliverables.
* Staffing, including staffing plans, and personnel suitability and adequacy.
* Resolution of FEED contractor's engineering claims, if any.
* Cooperates with review teams and supports post-audit activities with respect to contract administration and subcontracting.

Broad and extensive knowledge of: 

* Design standards, specifications, codes, and appropriate safety criteria
* Offshore facilities and structures design, construction, and operations
* Engineering administration
* Bachelors or Masters Degree in related Mechanical (non-rotating) engineering discipline.
* 20+ years of closely related professional experience, 10+ years of which should be at the senior project engineering / engineering supervision level with overall responsibility for engineering execution