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Senior Electrical Engineer Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

1 Provides Electrical system engineering expertise.
2 Maintains close liaison with Head of Facilities and Facilities Teamcounterparts and gains alignment on Electrical system engineering needs, objectives, and requirements. 
3 Owns the preparation and stewardship of Electrical system scope of work in contract and stewardsdesign alternative studies, as required, to optimize project cost and schedule. 
4 Collaborates with company Operationsto maintain alignment on Electrical system scope of supply. 
5 Provides Electrical system engineering data (narrative, charts, graphs, etc.) for the monthly progress reporting and stewardship.
6 Ensures quality assurance and production timing of the Electrical system engineering deliverables is in accordance with the approved project execution schedule.
7 Stewardsthe timely delivery of technical attachments and scope description to all Electrical system-related purchase orders and owns the Electrical system-related technical attachments and scope description to all fabrication and construction contracts. 
8 StewardsElectrical system engineering design in accordance with the project's change management program. 
9 Responsible for being knowledgeable of lessons learned from previous projects with the same contractor and capturing and communicating Electrical system engineering and design lessons learned for the current project.
10 Assesses contractor capability and ensures Electrical system engineeringor other technical support is available to address gaps 
11 Stewardsthe Electrical system engineering schedule and critical milestones (LLI procurement, engineered equipment procurement; ROS dates, etc); develops and stewards recovery plans to address any schedule delays. 
12 Stewards the FEED contractor's Electrical system-related activities with respect to Electrical system engineering execution including:

* Knowledgeable of Facilities and Electrical system engineering execution plans, procedures, objectives, and overall job requirements.
* Verifiesthat the FEED contractor staffs the Electrical system team with adequate numbers of qualified personnel. 
* Verifiesthat the FEED contractor employs the appropriate Electrical system design tools, including computer hardware and software. 
* Verifiesthat the FEED contractor adheres to all appropriate Electrical system specifications and standards. 
* Verifiesthat the FEED contractor provides all contract documents for Electrical system scope, including those referred to in the contract. 
* Verifies thatthe FEED contractor to controls the Electrical system scope, i.e. accurate and timely progress measurement and reporting. 
* Verifies that theFEED contractor complies with design verification processes. 

1 Advise the FEED contractor's Electrical system engineering and design organization with respect to:

* Compliance with company policies for prevention of information brokering and compliance with business standards guidelines.
* Engineering and design procedures, processes, and deliverables.
* Staffing, including staffing plans, and personnel suitability and adequacy.
* Resolution of FEED contractor's engineering claims, if any.

1 Cooperates with review teams and supports post-audit activities with respect to contract administration and subcontracting


* Broad and extensive knowledge of:

* Design standards, specifications, codes, and appropriate safety criteria
* Offshore facilities and structures design, construction, and operations
* Engineering administration

* Bachelors or MastersDegree in related Electrical engineering discipline. 
* 20+ years of closely related professional experience, 10+ years of which should be at the senior project engineering / engineering supervisionlevel with overall responsibility for engineering execution

Knowledge / Experience

* Strong organizational, management, and technical judgment skills
* Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities
* Make decisions in the general interest while pursuing business results
* Prepare contingency plans for the unexpected (pro-active, forward-looking)
* Proactively and continuously grow technical expertise in Electrical system engineering disciplines 
* Strong leadership, influencing, and interpersonal skills 
* Strong organizational, coordination, planning, and interface skills
* Excellent communication skills and ability to read, write, and speak fluent English
* Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs, Lotus Notes, etc. 
* Willing and able to travel as required