Aero Freight Co Ltd
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Job Description and Requirements

1) Heading the overall functioning of the Group – Freight Forwarding, Shipping &Liner Operations, Clearance Warehousing, Courier, Transport and Container Division.
2) Provide complete leadership in building profitable and sustainable product and 
services across all departments 
3) Co-develop the vision, mission, strategies and culture of the company.
4) Plan and execute all business development activities and Marketing & Operational activities for the departments 
5) Create and implement effective strategies to achieve growth and profitability. Develop strategies for every related department to ensure smooth operations and monitor implementation respectively
6) Build up and motivate the team to perform at a high level of integrity and 
7) Conducting Performance appraisals and ratings of the senior managers as per schedule 
Marketing and Strategic Planning 
8) Represent and market the company's product and services to the local and 
international Markets and Businesses.
9) Acquiring corporate customers, focus on Q companies and large private players in the industry, more focus on project businesses
10) Monitor market trends and identify new business development opportunities.
Financial Planning 
11) Develop and present annual business plan to the Management
12) Responsible for achieving improvements in the operational efficiency and cost base of each departments under your purview 
13) Responsible for yearly budget preparation in consultation with the Management and Finance Department and ensure attainment of Budgeted costs.
Specific Responsibilities 
13) Support to group company – Continental Trading Company (CTC) in identifying new shipping lines & agency, Container Business, Break Bulk operators etc.
14) Warehousing -3PL set up, Establishing tie ups with MNC for renting out the existing space and additional spaces generated on a time to time basis .
15) Procurement of barges for doing liner services, explore options of replacing trucking operations with sea.