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Subcontracts Manager

Job Description and Requirements

1) Conducting regular review meetings with project teams to monitor and ensure expected performance levels on the project are being achieved, 
• Attending Weekly and Monthly Meetings, raising alerts if necessary.
2) Ensuring that all relevant strategies are being delivered through the day to day actions of the project team,
• Inquiring and monitoring of contractor’s day to day activities through the use of BOQ and Project schedule.
3) Ensuring required contractor documentation is produced and approved at the appropriate levels,
• Obtaining weekly and monthly reports from the Resident Engineer in order to follow up on the deliverables.
4) Validation and follow up on Project Schedule,
• The Project Manager shall be responsible for the Project Schedule, however input from the Contract Manager is critical.
5) Ensuring that the project HSE is in compliance with requirements
• HSE manager will raise alerts and contracts manager will propose and implement the appropriate form of action. 

MONITORING at Department Level 
1) Keeping record of a Claim Log, 
• Listing all probable claims and variations, COMPANY position, effects and actions required.
2) Compiling an INTERIM Claims File through the use of the Claims Log
• Clearly identifying risks and opportunities for each issue that may be subject to a claim and/or variation.
• Estimating the probability of the outcome of a dispute,
3) Responsibility for claim reporting and claim preparation.
• Identifying contractual risks and planning mitigation strategies to avert risks.
• Keeping record of a Claim Log and periodically reporting to appropriate levels.
4) Liaising with finance and legal departments in Qatar and France. 
5) Coordinating actions with legal and finance, procurement teams if needed.
6) Being the initial point of contact for project support activities,
• Providing advice on contractual matters, interpretation of the Contracts.
7) Manage disputes, ensuring that robust contractual, factual and commercial input is considered

1) All contract documents must be saved onto TOL. The most current version of the contract incorporating any variations must be formally evidenced in writing and maintained on TOL.
2) Maintaining contractual records, documentation of key correspondences,
3) Preparation of contract amendments to the existing contract when necessary,
4) Review and validation of all daily communication and MOM’s prepared by the resident engineer and the project team
5) Keeping track of LD’s

1) In collaboration with the Resident Engineer and the Project Manager, validating invoices and initiating and following up on the payment process once a month. 

1) Generating status and issues reports,
2) Engaging and communicating efficiently with stakeholders and other functions as necessary in executing project activities,
3) Weekly communication with stakeholders and monthly communication with other functions (Finance, Procurement).

The key aspects to consider in ending any contract by performance include the following: 
1) Preparation of a FINAL Claims File with all the substantiation
2) Verifying that all contractual obligations have been successfully met 
3) Obtaining all final reports and clearances 
4) Make arrangements in regard to warranties available under the contract 
5) Terminate all access arrangements, and 
6) Undertake post contract analysis, evaluation and reporting (Lessons Learned).