Eram Engineering
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Plant Inspector-API 510& 570 and CSWIP 3.1(AWI)

Job Description and Requirements

Inspectors shall execute external / internal inspections of onshore steel structures none / pressurized
equipment to assess the structural strength and the state of repair / maintenance.
o Materials Selection and Specification
o Codes & Standards knowledge of AWS, API and ASME
o Inspection report preparation
o Fair knowledge of Inspection of tanks, pressure vessels, piping or pipeline experience would be preferred.
o To prepare welding procedure specification (WPS) & PQR (Procedure Qualification Tests)
o Knowledge on Degradation and Corrosion Control System Design and Management
o Develop a corrosion and degradation management strategy based on a risk analysis including definition of
inspection, monitoring and maintenance tasks.
o Shall have awareness about corrosion inhibitor systems.
o Assess and benchmark asset integrity management systems and equipment condition assessments
o Shall know about Asset Integrity Management and Repair Assessments systems
o Capable to perform Field Inspection (Facilities, Equipment, Materials and Corrosion)
o Shall have fair knowledge about standard NDT methods and technology.
o Develop inspection schedules and plans.
o Specify methods and conduct QA/QC for standard maintenance repairs, replacements and welding.
o Set and approve inspection and repair schedules in the Inspection Data Management System (IDDMS)