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Senior Architect

Job Description and Requirements

Job Duties: 

+ Works with Consultant Architect to research, plan, design, and administer the design for the retail asset of the project, applying knowledge of design, construction procedures, authority requirements, zoning and building codes, and building materials and design specifications; prepares/reviews architectural details as and when required for the execution of works. 

+ Reviewing documents in various phases for design intent, materials use and compliance with specifications. 

+ Reviewing contractors shop drawings, materials, and detailing submitted for approval. 

+ Coordinating with owners consultants, contractors, and regulatory agencies as necessary in meetings, drawings and other forms of communication. 

+ Addresses modifications desired by the Client in co-ordination with the Design Architect. 

+ Preparation of regular weekly and monthly reports and status updates. 

+ Proposing improved solutions on technical issues influencing design. 

+ Communicating with governmental agencies or officials for purpose of approvals and permits, when necessary. 

+ Ability to see design work through to construction phase and completion. 

+ Inspecting and supervising the inspection of construction while in progress and upon completion for adherence to plans and specifications. 

+ Advising contractors on the interpretation of plans and specifications; approving minor design changes in the course of construction. 

+ Supporting the Resident Engineer/Senior RE/PD in relevant duties as and when required. 

+ Completing assignments with considerable independence in accordance with project objectives, professional standards, and policies and procedures. 

+ Assists the Client in review and selection of architectural materials that are in compliance with approved material submittals 

+ Highlights any violations to architectural related issues on site and provide solutions 

+ Attends or Chairs progress review meetings and co-ordination meetings to assist the Contractor in resolving any site issues such as discrepancies in projects drawings. 

+ Participates in the co-ordination and monitoring of snagging and project handover. 

+ Provide support to Project Manager/Technical Manager to ensure projects run smoothly in areas of architecture by providing expert knowledge and advice. 

+ Gives daily site reports and highlights issues that arise on site to the Project Lead.

  • *Minimum Requirements**

+ Minimum of 15+ years experience in Architecture is required, with at least 4 years experience on a large scale projects

  • *Preferred Qualifications**

+ Bachelor Degree in Architecture or equivalent.