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Orthopedic Surgeon - Female

Job Description and Requirements

Job description / Role

General Responsibilities:
- Treat patients with skeletal injuries and diseases.
- Perform orthopedic surgeries as per established guidelines.
- Utilize medical equipment and tools effectively to avoid any accidents.
- Work with Nurses, GP and other departments to ensure excellent patient care services.
- Recommend proper diagnostic tests to identify patient’s illness.
- Analyze patient’s symptoms and develop treatment plans.
- Monitor and record patient’s progress according to documentation guidelines
- Educate patients about treatment procedures.
- Maintain up-to-date records of patient services and treatment procedures.
- Communicate with patients to obtain their medical history.
- Assess patient’s health condition and prescribe appropriate medications.
- Address patient and staff concerns in a timely manner.
- Attend regular staff meetings to discuss about any issues or updates.
- Guide clinical staffs in their assigned job duties.
- Attend medical courses and programs for professional development.


- A Medical Degree along with postgraduate training in orthopedic surgery

- 3 yrs experience post specialty 

- Data flow report/ MOH license

Candidate Location:
- Candidates should currently be based in Oman.

Key skills:
-Communication and patient care skills; attention to detail; confidence, empathy, being humane, respectfulness, and thoroughness

Languages :
- Must have spoken communications skills in English

- Female