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Officer - IFMS

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description


- Posses good communication skills and maintain good relationship with the Client.
- Minimize site complaint and ensure Client satisfaction.
- Responsible for the completion of all maintenance service requests as assigned. 
- Work within expense limits established. 
- Maintain inventory controls for cost effective operations. 
- Schedule and complete the 'Preventative Maintenance Program'. 
- Assist in monitoring all work being performed by outside contractors if in scope.
- Responsible for 24-hour emergency maintenance service as scheduled. 
- Monitor and maintain all building systems as assigned. 
- Responsible for alerting the Officer of any unusual occurrence and/or damage that have taken place or that may occur. 
- Maintain a professional courteous manner with all residents, vendors, contractors, and fellow employees. 
- Assure safety standards are used which comply with all company, local, City, State and Federal guidelines. 
- Ensure compliance of all work related activities in a fair, ethical, and consistent manner. 
- Ensure profitability of site by optimum utilization of consumables and care of machines provided.
- Ensure instructions from Senior is carried out in event of site closure; all machinery, consumables (balance) and staff is handed over to Camp.
- Maintain “Complaint Charts” on site and closely monitor these charts ensuring that the Client comments are good and complaints if any are taken care of immediately on receipt.
- Submit all manpower sites’ staff Time cards, prepare attendance and allowance sheets, ensure the time sheets are submitted to the Officer by 5th of every month.
- Responsible to acknowledge and resolve staff issues under his purview, in case of major issues highlight the same to reporting Officer.
- Details of inter site staff transfer to be informed to reporting Officer daily.
- Ensure all the temporary staff provided is given Time cards of attendance for work done at a particular site.
- Ensure the Staff Medical formalities are completed before its expiry.
- Collect all signed Staff Contract papers and submit the same.
- Implement all ISO procedures, policies and documentation on site.
- Ensure discipline amongst area staff in camp and on site at all times.

Company Industry

Facilities Management

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