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Solids Control Operator/Mechanic - Solids Control Operations (Omani Nationals

Job Description and Requirements


To oversee the operation, utilization, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of NOV FluidControl equipment on location. This is a rotational rig based position in the field here in UAE. But may require travel to other regions. The position holder maintains a close working relationship with all managers and supervisors within the NOV FluidControl organisation. The position holder must also provide "hands-on" support to all departments and actively promote client interface, adherence to NOV policies and procedures and service quality. 

· Fully Accountable for the performance of all NOV FluidControl rental equipment as well as personnel on location. Including but not limited to: 


  • Pumps
  • CRI Equipment
  • Electronic control packages
  • Screw conveyors (augers)
  • Cuttings skips and skip filling activities
  • Mud Coolers
  • Vacuums and other clean up equipment 

    · Ensures highest standards of HSE

· Perform Operations in a manner that assists the organization in meeting our safety, and operational goals. 
· Conduct sampling, housekeeping, maintenance, repair, and operational tasks as instructed by management as well as client appointed supervisors. 
· Ensure service quality is continually enhanced. Set a high standard in Safety, Operations, Maintenance and repair, and efficient use of resources in order to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the value that our equipment and people bring to their operation. 

Duties & Responsibilities 

· Actively promote HS&E in all aspects of your work 
· Work in a Safe manner in accordance with the applicable practices, procedures, and policies from NOV FluidControl and / or NOV FluidControl customers, I.E. drilling contractors and / or operators. 
· Keep a clean and neat work area at all times no matter where your job might be. All cleaning and housekeeping tasks are to be performed by all company employees. As this is the most junior level of field personnel, the majority of these will fall to this individual. 
· Ensures that assigned living accommodations are kept in a neat and tidy manner. · Act in the interest of the company at all times. Ensures that NOV policies are adhered to at all times. 
· Actively participate in rig site safety initiatives, meetings and / or safety programs from the customer. 
· Abide by applicable safety rules on location as per the customer. 
· Assist the rig crew in carrying out their duties as it pertains to solids control practices on the rig.

  • Operation and maintenance of shakers
  • Operation and maintenance of de-gassers
  • Operation and maintenance of hydro-cyclone equipment
  • Operation and maintenance of any other equipment that may relate to solids control or drilling fluid operations

· Report for duty as and when instructed, including for travel. 
· Realize that the duty rotation may be impacted by outside influences, and you may be required to work over. 
· Report to company office for training as and when requested. 
· Ensure all required certificates are valid and kept that way at all times. Renewals are to be scheduled in non-planned working time. I.E. (Medical, HUET, Basic offshore survival, H2S) 
· Compile appropriate job related documentation in accordance with the requirements of the work being performed at the time. 
· Complete and utilize the appropriate Job related safety materials for the days' activities. 
· Keep track of spares and tools at the rig site by updating the inventory listings and report losses, damage, or consumption appropriately. 
· Perform equipment repairs and maintenance as per NOV FluidControl maintenance schedule stated in the equipment manual or as instructed by management. 
· Optimize the equipment performance in order to ensure customer satisfaction. 
· Ensure detailed maintenance records of all equipment are compiled as requested by supervisors through the provided documentation formats and return this documentation at the end of each shift to your supervisor. 
· Address any equipment performance concerns to your direct supervisor immediately after notice of a fault and order materials for rectification of any issues accordingly. 
· Recognizing the fact that not every aspect of the job can be detailed, and that requirements can and will change over the course of employment, any and all other duties that may be assigned that are not detailed above are to be diligently performed to the best of your abilities. 

Competencies Required: 

· Ability to operate NOV FluidControl equipment as per the procedures stated in the manual including but not limited to Centrifuges, Cuttings Dryers, Shale Shakers, CRI related equipment. 
· Ability to troubleshoot and maintain all NOV FluidControl equipment assigned to your care, including but not limited to Centrifuges, Cuttings Dryers, Shale Shakers, screw conveyors, mud coolers, vacuum units. 
· Proven Industry Experience. 
· Able to work on own initiative without direct supervision over site. 
· Be self motivated and a strong team player. 
· Possess conversational English language communication and interpersonal skills · Produce accurate work of consistent high quality and quantity 
· Ability to determine NOV FluidControl products as well as their purpose 
· Completion of secondary level education relevant to home country 
· Ability to pass a TOEFL English test with a score of 55 or better. Equivalent 
passing grade accepted for other accredited English Language learning 
· Minimum of 1-1/2 years' field experience in solids control 
· Minimum age would be 25 years old or older 


Position effects the following Dimensions 
· HSE 
· Service Quality 
· Equipment Quality 
· NOV Policy Compliance 

Quality Assurance: 

· To ensure that the Company's quality control and quality assurance procedures are adhered to. 


Participate in any and all training programs as deemed needed by either the 
customer, or internally within NOV. 

Health, Safety and Environment: 

· Ensuring that all employees adhere to relevant HSE procedures. 
· Ensure that work is conducted without harm to people or the environment. 
· Ensuring that all incidents are properly recorded and reported and that an investigation is carried out to establish and rectify root causes. 
· Actively participate in the NOV HSE management system. 

High School Diploma 

2 to 3 years experience