InterContinental Hotels Group
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Security Shift Leader

Job Description and Requirements


Your day to day
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Maintains good communication with all Security Officers and respond to their needs.
  • Document all activities during each shift and work extra hours when needed.
  • Responsible of controlling all gate passes issued by all departments in the Hotel
  • Provide escort for all money transfers upon request.
  • Respond immediately to any emergency request (fire, theft, and accident).
  • Respond immediately to any department request.
  • Maintain communication at all times with the security office.
  • Courteous, tactful and helpful but firm in enforcing the hotel’s policies and procedures.
  • Creates and maintains the highest standards of security at all times being professional in attitude, appearance and work performance.
  • Familiar with the location of fire alarms and extinguishers.
  • Patrol all areas of the hotel.
  • Conduct regular locker inspections, and spot checks on employee upon request.
  • Check all packages of employees entering and exiting the employee’s entrance.
  • Ensure that employee’s entrance policy is enforced.
  • Be Familiar with the layout of the Hotel.
  • Thorough knowledge with the CCTV system.


What we need from you Education: 

School Degree 


Physical Fit 

Fluent in Arabic. English is a plus. 

Attention to details 

Familiar with the usage of all Security equipments 

Ability to work under stress 

Physical fit to stand minimum 9 hours 


0 to 2 years in a security environment 


Team Work 

Adaptability/Flexibility Team Orientation Drive for Results