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Assistant Product Manager

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description

Support the plans to drive product performance and improve operating results by working with internal and external partners such as suppliers and distributors by focusing on the consumer.- Responsible for developing and implementing product strategy to achieve desired revenue and maintain margin target for specific sub-category;- Support in purchase planning and distribution for the specific category based on store, channel profile and requirements;- Monitor and effectively manage inventory with focus on ageing inventory;- Support in execution of promotion strategies including trade promotions, consumer promotions and consumer advertising/ marketing;- Support in maintaining and analyzing PSI (Purchase Stock Inventory) data to ensure efficient store ranging;- Support in maintaining display matrix;- Analysis: Sales, Stock, Channel, Promotions, Competitors;- Track shipment and follow-up with supply chain department and supplier on delivery when required; - Prepare promotion tracker on a weekly basis;- Support Claim Officer and Product Manager in all activities relating to claims with the Vendor; - Support relationship with the stores, sales/key accounts team and head office support functions to leverage full support.


- At least 3-5 years’ experience within electronic retailing and distribution with at least 3 years product management experience;- Excellent analytical skills and aptitude to draw out plans and assess accurately the market needs for the category;- Must be able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and passion for consumer electronics goods to connect with enthusiasts;- Strong communication and presentation skills required to communicate and make a case for business plans as well as daily communication with sales teams and customers regarding products and going research.