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Home Appliance Technician

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description

To involve in the repair, installation and maintenance of Appliance in both commercial and residential settings. - Identify root cause of the damage of the appliance and provide customer with an estimate on cost; - Repair the defective parts like damaged wirings, switches, circuit boards, belts, motors, heating elements, etc.- If a particular part or a component of a system is beyond repair, they replace it with a new part after consulting the customer- Dismantle and disassemble appliances, so that other minor repairs can be detected- Conduct inspections to detect if there is any leakage, different kind of noise, or if there is any unusual vibration. They also check if there are any loose connections which result in failure of the operation. - Refer to the troubleshooting manuals and try to resolve them on difficulties- Tighten, clean, lubricate, and align the parts as per the requirements with the help of different kind of tools like wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, files, soldering guns, etc.


• Must have technical aptitude and should be updated with latest developments in the related field• Must have a good manual dexterity in order to handle different kinds of tools and repairing of minute components simultaneously• Must be detail oriented and have the ability to accurately identify the problems• Ability to maintain accurate records of the repairs, number of working hours, and the invoices generated for the repairs