National Oilwell Varco
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Machine-Shop Supervisor

Job Description and Requirements
  • Day to day running/planning of the machineshop and assigned personnel, Plan & Control of customer’s orders to meet or exceed delivery dates.
  • Coordinate/distribute work to machines, and make sure all machines are manned and running.
  • Assist machinists on technical issues.
  • Make sure material is being machined within timeframe specified on work order, and customer requirements.
  • Liaises with sales on delivery and orders pending.
  • Assist QA/QC Inspector on NCR’s/QAR’s.
  • Supervisor/Process material and paperwork, Report all unsafe and or hazardous acts or conditions to Manager.
  • Make decisions concerning work.
  • Maintain discipline on shop floor.
  • Approve vacation and sick leave.
  • Monitoring of attendance of employee(s).
  • Raise and review Work Orders for each order received.
  • Monthly reporting of revenue and orders completed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Manager.
  • Assist with training when required.
  • May require off-site duties.
EXPERIENCE: Must have a minimum 2-year experience in a Supervisor position or Senior CNC Machinist position, have experience in machining and working on Rotatory Shoulder Connections inspection (API, Grant Prideco, VAM etc) on Drillpipe, HWDP, Drill Collars and Drill Stem Components or a similar background. Have experience in programing CNC machines.   EDUCATION: High school education or equivalent.   OTHER:

Must be able to communicate in English and able to take and follow written and verbal instructions. Have good machine shop knowledge. Be able to read and interpret specifications to API, Grant Prideco, DS1, VAM etc.

Able to use computers and Microsoft programs.