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Senior Protection Officer (Readvertised) - Zarqaa

Job Description and Requirements

Scope of work

To ensure that children in the Zarqa Community Center are emotionally and socially thriving within a community that enables and supports their wellbeing through the implementation of structured and unstructured PSS activities.

 About the job:  

The Senior Protection Officer is responsible for supervising the implementation of LWF’s protection activities in the Zarqa Community Center including supervision of protection staff (assistant, Counsellor and volunteers) as well as case management, targeting of beneficiaries and protection monitoring.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Ensure – through clear weekly and monthly work plans – protection monitoring, field assessments, community-based activities, are carried out in the Community Center in a timely, effective and technically sound manner. 

Recruit and supervise all protection staff (assistant, counsellor, volunteers)

• Support the collection of information/data about vulnerability, protection needs and concerns of the targeted population and support the Zarqa Area Manager in reporting project progress to the donors

• Ensure that the above-described protection information gathering, sharing and filing are done in accordance with agreed information management system that respects the dignity and ensure the confidentiality of the information sources   

• Act as focal point for the identification and referral of Vulnerable Individuals and People with Specific Protection Needs for adequate assistance according to LWF pre-defined criteria in Zarqa  

• Conduct follow-up monitoring visits to ensure that needs have been met in an appropriate manner and beneficiary have the opportunity to provide feedback on the assistance received.   

• Ensure dissemination of clear and reliable information on service provision and other preselected key topics.  

• Contribute to the establishment/maintenance of a referral pathway, respectful of the confidentiality principle and LWF ‘s SOPs.  

• Contribute to building the capacities of local actors through involvement in their capacity-building planning, localized protection network meetings and co-facilitating their training sessions.  

• Supervise and coordinate the organization and implementation of community-based activities, especially socio-recreational, life-skills and awareness raising activities, with special emphasis on extremely vulnerable individuals and people with specific needs, with the aim of improving their psychosocial well-being.  

• Prepare and submit activity plans and reports to the Zarqa Area Manager on agreed schedules.  

• Provide verbal and written feedback to Zarqa Area Manager on progress, lesson learnt, achievements and gaps, issues and problems.  

• Keep a database of the number of beneficiaries per activity in each location, disaggregated by sex   

Liaise with relevant public authorities and service providers in order to foster effective collaboration and encourage national interest and ownership in protection of refugees and other persons of concern.  

• Any other duties as may be assigned by the Line Manager;  

• Conduct duties in accordance with LWF’s programming and protection Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);  

• Conduct duties in strict accordance with LWF Code of Conduct and the principle of confidentiality.  

• Maintain and promote a positive image of LWF and its activities by explaining what LWFis doing and why LWF operates in that way.  


Professional Standards:


  • The LWF and LWF workers must adhere to the values and principles outlined in the code of Conduct.



 Required qualifications:   

  • University degree in human rights, refugee studies, social sciences or other related discipline;  
  • Relevant professional experience of three (3) years, preferably with a similar NGO in Zarqa, Jordan;  
  • Prior experience or familiarity with protection needs of Zarqa’s refugee and host community population would be a distinct advantage;  
  • Prior experience conducting and implementing structured and unstructured PSS activities in a Community Center setting would be an advantage;  
  •  Familiarity with international protection and human rights legal standards, with special emphasis on women rights and SGBV, would be a distinct advantage.  
  • Good spoken and written English and /Arabic and relevant computer skills.  
  • A high respect to client/organization confidentiality.  
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills and respect for people with special needs and other vulnerability.  
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context as a flexible and respectful team player.  
  • Experience of work in the UN or NGO or voluntary sector is preferred but not essential.   

 To be successful in this role you must have: Experience in management of a team and excellent analysis and reporting skills; with a high regard toward preserving confidentiality of work-related information and data.