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Manager, Technology Infrastructure (Network and Security)

Job Description and Requirements

This role includes planning and designing the network infrastructure and enterprise network solutions; troubleshooting, installing, implementing and administering network systems and providing Highest Tier support. Also analyzes capacity issues and develops capacity planning models. In addition to ensuring planned testing activities are executed and for developing network security guidelines. Last but not least will include assisting in the maintenance of existing network infrastructure. 


Job Responsibilties:


  • Planning: Conducts short- and long-term planning to meet network requirements.
  • Network System Design and Implementation: Designs and implements network systems.
  • Planning: Conducts short- and long-term planning to meet network requirements.
  • Network Monitoring: Analyzes network activity and network problems, to discover and prevent systematic errors.
  • Issue Resolution: Troubleshoots, diagnoses and resolves network problems. Researches, analyzes and recommends the implementation of software or hardware changes to rectify any network deficiencies or to enhance network performance.
  • Capacity Planning: Analyzes facilities bandwidth requirements and system interdependencies. Develops capacity planning models.
  • Knowledge of commercial enterprise-level tools and products to provide network services, including: firewalls, IPS/IDS, DNS, DHCP, web security, TACACS+, WAF, VPN and NAC.
  • Network Performance Assessment: Assesses network performance to ensure that it meets the present and future needs of the business. Provides network planning recommendations to management.
  • Knowledge of Enterprise system monitoring and management tools such as Cisco LMS, Fluke opti view , Wireshark, Websense and MRTG.
  • Installing, configuring and management of VoIP solution in bank.
  • Work closely with colleagues to meet team goals and improve processes and practices.
  • Architect, design, implement, support, and evaluate security-focused tools and services including project management roles.
  • Evaluate and recommend new and emerging security products and technologies.
  • Identify security issues and risks, and develop mitigation plans. Also Applying PCI standards and controls for bank IT infrastructure including communication devices, servers and applications and Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing remediation to avoid any security breach.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the manager.