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Lead Trainer Amman - Mafraq

Job Description and Requirements

A Jordanian Non-profit Organization is seeking qualified applicants for the following vacancy Lead Trainer and under the following conditions:

  • Jordanian nationality and not convicted of felony or misdemeanor.
  • Advanced degree (minimum Bachelor) in subsequent relevant field : computer programing, digital technology or related.
  • Fieldwork experience.
  • Experience as a Developer (Web Agency, SMEs, etc) &/or in a Teaching / Management position.
  • Experience in the Middle East &/or in the Humanitarian sector would be an asset but not required.
  • Excellent level in English & Arabic both oral and written.

* Position Description

The framework includes developing social value programme by jointly bringing together expertise on education and technology via the establishment of strong partnerships relation with institutional, EducTech, academics, corporates and other actors both at national and international level.


  1. Ensure & monitor the training & its contents.
  2. Enhance & conduct students professional integration.
  3. Manage the pedagogic team.
  4. Assist the Project Manager.
  5. Prospect for partnerships


  • Management & Training
  1. Participation to the training & abilities to replicate the pedagogy.
  2. Pedagogic Team and the Cohort (selection, training, security, etc).
  3. Support and strengthen students in their professional integration.
  4. Training’s implementation, equipment and schedule.
  • Assistance
  1. Reporting on lessons learned, challenges, KPI, etc.
  2. Promoting partnership & the project through various media.
  3. Organizing and taking part to ecosystem events & meetings with & without the students.
  • Monitoring & Assessment
  1. Training process & contents setting up.
  2. Training monitoring & assessment tools setting up.
  3. Students acquisition assessment & Training monitoring and assessment.

** Qualifications & Deliverables

  1. Passionate about software programming & working in various contexts in the selected programming languages.
  2. Fluency in at least two programming languages (Php, Symfony, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc) & in agile methodologies (Scrum, eXtreme programming, etc).
  3. Good with system administration matters : management tools, SEO, community management, etc.
  4. Pedagogic approach — Learning by doing / Patience / Mindful.
  5. Product oriented, Collaborative & Entrepreneurial approach.
  6. Strong motivation / Dynamic / Curious / Adaptable.
  7. Excellent interpersonal & communication skills — Ability to represent the organization to partners/other stakeholders & to participate to community/ecosystem events.
  8. Responsible — Well-organized / Working autonomously & in Team.
  9. Knowledge &/or interest in more than two of the subsequents sectors (digital, education, migration, protection, etc) or ICT related issues (security, big-datas, blockchain, etc).

 If your qualifications meet our criteria please submit your resume, Deadline for receiving applications is the 29/4/2019.