USAID Cities Implementing Transparent, Innovative & Effective Solutions (CITIES)
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Deputy Team Leader Organizational Development

Job Description and Requirements

Job Description

Job Title: Deputy Team Leader – Organizational Development  


Program: USAID Jordan Cities Implementing Transparent Innovative, & Effective Solutions (CITIES)


Job Classification: Long-Term Local Professional Employee


Reporting to: Organizational Development Senior Advisor




The August 2015 passage of the Decentralization Law and the Municipalities Law indicated the Kingdom of Jordan’s increased focus on integrating municipalities into the governance framework, helping to increase democratic accountability and improve conditions in Jordanian communities. Drawing on prior United States Government (USG) and other donor analysis, as well as the Government of Jordan’s own governance programs, USAID has concluded that the urgent needs of Jordanian citizens — and other semi-permanent residents, including Syrian refugees — include access to basic services, economic opportunities, security and belonging, and inclusion by their government. The public-sector needs assistance to more efficiently deliver services and to engage more productively with diverse communities — in many cases including large populations of Syrians fleeing a war with no end in sight.


The objective of Jordan CITIES is to respond to identified needs using a systems-based approach in which all decision makers, stakeholders, and citizens in a community play a role. Technical assistance provided through Jordan CITIES will transfer functions to municipalities, emphasizing what works in practice and by law. To increase citizen responsiveness and foster resilience, CITIES will help key governorate and municipal stakeholders translate administrative reforms into community cohesion and stability.


Principal Position Objectives, Basic Functions/Critical Tasks


USAID CITIES seeks to increase the effectiveness of municipal governance and support decentralization in Jordan through four sub-goals: 1) improved service delivery, 2) increased sustainability of municipal and decentralized government operations, 3) increased responsiveness to citizen priorities, and 4) enhanced capacity to promote community cohesion and resilience.


The overall objective of this position is to work directly with the Organizational Development Component Senior Advisor in oversight of the main technical areas of Component 2 (Organizational Development) of USAID CITIES Project. The general objective of this position is to work in tandem and coordination with the organizational development team, and other related members of the CITIES team – as well as the project’s targeted municipalities, governorates, investors, related central government institutions, and sub-consultants to review and develop municipal sector related regulations, human resource management, sound accounting and financial management systems and increased capacity of sub-national government entities to plan and manage development programs.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Assist in developing standardized organizational charts for targeted municipalities. Manage the implementation of the human resources’ reform practices. Proposes concise and practical models for training staff on new roles and responsibilities. 
  • Assist in reviewing current municipal sector and decentralization regulations.
  • Work in tandem and coordination with the Team Leader and Component Team to strengthen municipal capacity in financial management, human resources and investment development in partner municipalities.
  • Provide on the job practical training, mentoring and technical support to partner municipalities.
  • Work directly with the Team Leader and other technical specialists in areas related to municipal financial management and human resources management through collaboration and coordination with other donor support activities for municipal governance. 
  • Ensure that relevant technical elements of the work plans are being successfully implemented. Assist the Team Leader with support and oversight of different activities and tasks. This includes: developing and writing methodologies, team’s weekly reports, minutes of meetings, translation, workplans, performance indicators and quarterly progress reports.
  • Lend expertise to quality assurance of related technical activities, including those of Component 2’s Specialists.
  • Coordinate with other project components, Municipal Program Officers and field offices’ team members to ensure integration of USAID CITIES interventions.
  • Contribute to routine project related tasks including attendance of staff meetings, preparing required reports, success stories and newsletters.
  • Act on behalf of the Organizational Component Senior Advisor during his/her absence.
  • Other tasks, as assigned.




  • University degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Public Administration, Organizational Development, or another relevant field. 
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience implementing related technical activities.
  • Experience on donor-funded programs specifically USAID programs is strongly preferred.
  • Proven experience in organizational development in public sector or donor agency (i.e. USAID) in the Middle East, preferably in Jordan.
  • Experience in facilitating capacity building activities to municipal officials either in supporting transformation modern financial management, and/or participatory budgeting, and/or human resources and/or investment development. Proven training and mentoring skills.
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and writing skills. Ability to work with all levels and functions within the Program and with different Partners.
  • Flexible team player, with the ability to also work independently. Accept responsibility and be extremely discrete with sensitive information.
  • Excellent analytical and forecasting skills. Strong computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office package (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Word).  
  • Fluency in English and Arabic (spoken and written).





The Deputy Team Leader will report directly to the Organizational Development Senior Advisor.


Working Location


This assignment will mainly take place in Amman, Jordan. This will be the primary duty post, but the employee may travel to other localities within Jordan to complete this scope of work.