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Office Boy مراسل

Job Description and Requirements


REACH Office boy




Admin/Operations Support




Under direct supervision of REACH Operations Support Manager, the Reach Office helper will provide general office support involving routine and similar clerical duties requiring limited knowledge of systems or procedures and guarding REACH office.

Under the direct supervision of REACH Operations Support Manager/ REACH Operations Support Officer

FLATS/Operations Support Team




  1. Receiving Visitors:
  1. Meet and Welcome guests/visitors and quickly and politely ascertains the reason for visit.
  2. If Guests/visitors are subject to stay, and work for short/long term, immediate services to be provided at once (Contact concerned departments)
  3. Communicate with departments prior to sending visitor to them.


  1. Guarding:
    1. Ensure that no unauthorized person, i.e. anybody not employed by ACTED, enters the office without prior permission.
    2. Report any unusual event, emergency, problems or object missing to ACTED in charge staff (Security Department) immediately.
    3. It is not allowed to leave the post during working hours unless authorized by REACH Operations management.


  1. Copier, Phone & Fax:
  1. Receiving and Answering Phone calls/Making phone calls and forwarding calls.
  2. Print/Scan and photocopy support for other departments.
  3. Look after the copier and ensure that its running well and if needed inform concerned departments.


  1. Information Board:
  1. Print memos/announcements.
  2. Print the ACTED monthly News Letter, Internal for Information board and external version for reception desk.


  1. Mail IN & OUT:
  1. Receive mail and Pouches and Keep the record and hand it to the recipient department. (update Packing list File in Admin)
  2. Receive and register official letters (IN/OUT).


      6. Benifits : 

  •    Contract duration is 6 months, renewable based on budget and performance
  •    The Salary 485 JODs
  •    Health Insurance not deducted from salary
  •    Social Security Contribution
  •    1.75 days is the monthly annual leave.