Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)
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MHPSS Program Manager

Job Description and Requirements

About Us: 

The Syrian American Medical Society Foundation (SAMS) is an international non-profit, non-political medical relief organization that was first registered in the US in 2007. Following its mission, SAMS is dedicated to delivering life-saving health services, revitalizing health systems during crisis, and promoting medical education via a network of humanitarians in Syria, the US, and beyond. Through its offices in the U.S., Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, SAMS implements medical relief programs inside Syria, and in other countries of the Middle East region.

In 2017 alone, SAMS provided more than 3.5 million services, through medical missions, immunization campaigns, and support for 150 medical facilities, dental clinics, birth centers, dialysis units, mental health and psychosocial support programs, rehabilitation centers, and primary and subspecialty mobile clinics. In Jordan, first in response to the needs of Syrian refugees, SAMS has operated in Jordan since 2012, providing free primary and secondary health care, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) in camp and non-camp locations in Amman, Irbid, and Mafraq Governorates. In 2017 alone, SAMS provided 17,578 medical services in Jordan; our Irbid MHPSS center supported 6,928 beneficiaries in the same year.

In Jordan, SAMS offers one of the only integrated MHPSS programs. All SAMS MHPSS services are offered under the umbrella of the “do no harm” principle, adhere to a survivor-centered, rights-based approach, and are sensitive to the needs of women, girls, men, and boys, including persons with disabilities and older persons.  Our cadre of qualified female and male Syrian and Jordanian mental health and social work specialists and outreach workers have extensive knowledge of needs, as well as access to conflict-affected Syrian populations, having established trust among refugees and host communities over the past six years. This knowledge and access makes SAMS well-positioned to respond to identified gaps in health, MHPSS and GBV outreach and service provision.

Job Purpose:

The MHPSS Program Manager works with SAMS Mental Health Subcommittee to develop a psychosocial support and treatment models to be implemented in SAMS projects with Syrian refugees, and vulnerable groups, in need for such support that can accommodate special cases related to refugees’ locations, experiences and circumstances and mental health status. He/she is expected to establish standards for reporting system, evaluation of needs, evaluation of impact and expectations of performance regarding number of beneficiaries and documentation of cases, diagnoses, type of services, goals and results.  

 The MHPSS Program Manager also responsible on developing and managing the financial, and administrative aspects of SAMS MHPSS and Protection portfolio in Jordan and the region to ensure that relevant projects are administered and implemented in a manner consistent with SAMS and funders objectives, in compliance with donors’ policies and regulations. The work will also involve new funding capture and proposal development/writing.

Additionally, s/he will support MHPSS and Protection programming in Jordan and the region, assist the Country Director in the expansion of the SAMS programs in Jordan and the region, and laisse with other departments to achieve MHPSS and Protection goals and objectives.

Key Duties and Tasks:

To accomplish the above, the manager is expected to:

Needs and Design of the MHPSS Program:

  1. Develop indicators for all SAMS MHPSS and Protection programs that are in line with SPHERE, OFDA, DFID and other donor and humanitarian relief guidelines. 
  2. Develop and design new MHPSS and Protection programs with partners including: proposal and budget development and curriculum design.
  3. Develop templates for recording indicators and deliverable and for monitoring the MHPSS and Protection projects.
  4. Develop and implement project action plans and schedules, with the focus on key outputs and outcomes.
  5. Revise the project design, methodologies, and identify the important changes per the assessed needs of beneficiaries.
  6. Create protocols, policies, and procedures in all MHPSS and Protection centers for the implementation of the program.
  7. Program development, implementation, and evaluation in line with IASC guidelines for Mental Health and Protection.

Program Management and Supervision:

  1. Lead the SAMS Psychosocial Program in Jordan (Amman, Irbid, Za’atari Camp) and the region.
  2. Conduct regular visits to the MHPSS and Protection projects in Jordan, review reports, identify needs and priorities, including individual or group therapy modalities.
  3. Participate in providing treatment when needed.
  4. Supervise, train, and monitor staff working in Jordan PSS Centers and regionally.
  5. Provide technical and programmatic supervision of staff working on MHPSS and Protection projects.
  6. Define and organize the patient flow of outside referrals and work in collaboration with the Project Coordinator to organize the referral system from outside agencies or communities.
  7. Knowledge regarding IASC guidelines on Protection and MHPSS Services.
  8. Ensure that all MHPSS and protection programs are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.
  9. Ensure resource availability and allocation needed for the implementation of the programs.
  10. Monitoring of the context updates and changes to identify new initiatives and programs opportunities.
  11. Lead the process of developing and implementing the MHPSS and protection programs action plans and schedules focused on key outputs and outcomes.
  12. Maintain the proper documentation of all stages of the program planning and implementation, data records and beneficiary information as applicable, and share to relevant dept. in Jordan and the regional office.
  13. Any other tasks assigned by the direct Supervisor.

Capacity Building:

  1. Conduct regular training sessions for MHPSS and Protection staff in Jordan and the region (types of training and frequency to be determined by partners and the SAMS MHPSS committee).
  2. Work closely with Training Coordinator in identifying the needs of staff, evaluating their performance, and maintaining high standards of quality of delivery of service to beneficiaries.
  3. Supervise the psychologists, and counselors through, observation, case reviews.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Quality:

  1. Provide necessary reports on SAMS MHPSS and Protection programs in Jordan and regionally, as well as approach potential future donors for SAMS MHPSS and Protection program in Jordan and the region.
  2. Complete all donor and partner narrative and program reports in coordination with the program staff.
  3. Review project activities for compliance with procedures and standards
  4. Establish monitoring and evaluation procedures in order to track quality of services and maintain highest quality in standard of care delivered to beneficiaries.

Budgetary Needs of the MHPSS Program:

  1. Create and update budgets to reflect MHPSS and Protection programmatic needs and services.
  2. Identify budgetary needs of MHPSS and Protection projects, and work closely with Grants Department to reflect those needs.

Donors and Partners:

  1. Establish SAMS's presence at MHPSS and Protection working group meetings in Jordan, and the region, and represent SAMS at any protection related coordination and events
  2. Assist with finding new funders focused on MHPSS and Protection projects, including SGBV.
  3. Participate in developing the proposals in collaboration with the other functional departments
  5. Participate in project meetings and visits of Donors and participate effectively in all meetings
  6. Network with other NGOs to expand services provided to the MHPSS and Protection Beneficiaries.
  7. Create partnerships with organizations in order to expand both services and referral networks.

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree, preferred PhD/PsyD., in Clinical Psychology or any related field in Psychology.
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience working in a Clinic/ Treatment facility.
  • Experience and knowledge regarding working in the field of Mental Health.
  • Experience with design and implementation of programs.
  • Experience designing and conducting research.
  • Experience providing treatment for refugees and vulnerable groups.
  • Experience building capacity of staff based on the presenting needs- as related to the role and responsibility of the job.
  • Experience conducting trainings and development of training materials.