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Admin Sales Support

Job Description and Requirements


  •  Follow up and coordinate all matters related to the before & after sales in order to ensure a smooth and timely service. 
  • Ensure regular updates of all matters related to client campaigns, and all the needed details for their execution. 
  • Ensure proper billposting data and control of client’s campaigns. 
  •  Ensure regular update of our networks based on the Installation and dismantling of billboards. 


  •  Handle all pre and post client requests and complaints, and communicate to the concerned parties. 
  • Coordinate and follow up with the commercial team on all client requests. 
  •  Issue the proposal of locations for the booked networks, along with the confirmation upon installation, and communicate it to the commercial persons and client. 
  • Send to the concerned parties the daily work progress related to the campaigns installed. 
  •  Prepare and update weekly photo programs.  
  •  Prepare and send a photo album per campaign to clients or agencies. 
  • Follow up and coordinate with Clients and Agencies regarding all visuals (art work and design), and monitor the censorship process. 
  • Follow up with direct clients or agencies regarding the delivery of the posters in a timely manner. 
  • Prepare and update the posters, coordinate with the technical department regarding the posters’ delivery of campaigns and communicate and follow up with the printing house. 
  •  Follow up on the quality of the print material with the Pikasso print house.  
  • Prepare and issue daily work orders based on the reservation grid, and ensure regular follow up. 
  •  Handle billposting confirmations and reservation of panels. 
  • Keep track and update the distribution of the network sheet based on data received from: the Technical Department (installations and dismantling), the Commercial and Patrimony Departments, and send monthly updates to the Financial Department.  
  • Prepare and update weekly programs related to the campaigns per client and communicate to the concerned parties. 
  •  Prepare daily and monthly reports related to the number of faces posted per day per billposter and appraise and select the billposter of the month. 
  •  Keep track records, and report the number of panels per city on a monthly basis.  Prepare a monthly report of all available panels/products for posting the campaigns.  
  • Coordinate with the Sales Managers on a weekly basis for the upcoming campaigns through the technical commercial meetings. 
  •  Coordinate with clients regarding the remaining posters per campaign, and communicate in a timely manner the needed info to the technical department in order to manage the tasks related to the warehousing.  
  • Maintin regular updates of the client’s database (reservation grid, campaign photos…) and add to the mailing list. 
  •  Handle printing orders and update the printing follow up sheet. 
  • Take care of all filing, minutes of the technical commercial meetings, and research events, weekly monitoring of the competitors. 
  • Prepare the details requested for the Sales Department and Pikasso D’Or. 
  •  Coordinate and Follow up orders internally with the various departments (Billposting, Quality Control, and Commercial team) on matters related to the clients’ campaigns. 
  • Ensure that all processes are properly implemented and updated, and ISO forms related to the commercial and technical departments are filled and communicated to the head office regularly.  
  •  Conduct customer satisfaction survey at least once per year.  
  • Collect customer complaints and share them with the head office.  
  • Collect nonconformities and follow up on nonconformities log.  
  •  Prepare IPSOS reports.  Prepare turnover report to be sent to Beirut and fill the related log book. 


  •  University graduate with a degree in Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations. 
  •  3-4 years’ experience in sales or administration. 
  •  Fluent in English and Arabic. 


  •  Computer literate with good knowledge in Excel, Word and Outlook. 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. 
  •  Team player  Good written and verbal skills 
  • Good Organization skills.  Customer oriented. 
  •  Ability to adapt to different situations.