USAID Cities Implementing Transparent, Innovative & Effective Solutions (CITIES)
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Junior IT Technical Support

Job Description and Requirements

Job Title:                 Junior IT Technical Support

Program:                 Cities Implementing Transparent Innovative, & Effective Solutions (CITIES)

Job Classification:  12 Months Fixed-Term Local Support Employee-

Reporting to:          IT Manager


The August 2015 passage of the Decentralization Law and the Municipalities Law indicated the Kingdom of Jordan’s increased focus on integrating municipalities into the governance framework, helping to increase democratic accountability and improve conditions in Jordanian communities. Drawing on prior United States Government (USG) and other donor analysis, as well as the Government of Jordan’s own governance programs, USAID has concluded that the urgent needs of Jordanian citizens — and other semi-permanent residents, including Syrian refugees — include access to basic services, economic opportunities, security and belonging, and inclusion by their government. The public-sector needs assistance to more efficiently deliver services and to engage more productively with diverse communities — in many cases including large populations of Syrians fleeing a war with no end in sight.

The objective of Jordan CITIES is to respond to identified needs using a systems-based approach in which all decision makers, stakeholders, and citizens in a community play a role. Technical assistance provided through Jordan CITIES will transfer functions to municipalities, emphasizing what works in practice and by law. To increase citizen responsiveness and foster resilience, CITIES will help key governorate and municipal stakeholders translate administrative reforms into community cohesion and stability.


Working under the guidance of IT Manager, the overall objective of this assignment is to deliver IT equipment (computers, laptops, printers. etc.) based on agreements between USAID CITIES and the 33 partner municipalities to improve the IT infrastructure of municipality. The objective is to enhance municipalities’ financial and HR systems. 


  • Check and match the received IT equipment with the specifications and quantities procured and listed in the purchase order.
  • Unpack, install and configure Windows 10 Pro based on CITIES IT Policy.
  • Maintain and update windows and software of received devices.
  • Register new delivered devices on the IT Inventory and update the status of current assets.
  • Deliver and install the proper devices to the intended Municipality under supervision of IT department.
  • Make sure the proper documents are signed by the representative of the municipality.
  • Assist IT Department in doing regular help desk troubleshooting to CITIES Staff.
  • Maintain, fix, update applications and reformat CITIES staff laptops if necessary.
  • Handling CITIES printers such as (identify printers to end users, troubleshoot, and change toners).
  • Provide IT assistance to CITIES end users as needed.
  • All other duties as assigned.


  • B.A in the related fields (Computer Science or Information Technology or Software Engineer.
  • Maximum 1 year of relevant hands-on experience in IT related.
  • Flexible team player.
  • Very good in written and spoken Arabic and English.


This position will report to the IT Manager.


The Services shall be performed at such locations as agreed upon between cities, Ministries and Municipality, where the location of a particular task is not so specified, at such locations.

The implementation of the preparations and training will be based in Amman, Jordan and travel may be required to the 33 municipalities supported by USAID CITIES.