Bank al Etihad
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Project Manager / Technology

Job Description and Requirements

This role is accountable for removing impediments to the ability of the scrum team to deliver the product goals and deliverables, acts as a buffer between the scrum team and any distracting influences. Facilitates key sessions, and encourages the team to improve.


Job Responsibilties:


  • Arranges, facilitates and schedules daily stand-up meetings, demo and decision-making processes in order to ensure quick inspection and proper use of adaptation process.
  • Helping the Product Owner maintain the Product Backlog, ensures the needed work is well understood so the team can continually make forward progress.
  • Manage projects in JIRA.
  • Organizes and facilitates the sprint planning meeting.
  • Coaching the team, within the Scrum principles, in order to deliver high-quality features for its product.
  • Select Product Backlog Items that can be completed in one Sprint in coordination with Product Owner.
  • Prepare and manage GO LIVE plan with all involved parties.
  • Keeping senior managers and business up to date with progress.
  • Adherence to internal work rules and regulations.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with resource managers and project resources. 
  • Preparing requests for proposals and conducting all necessary meetings to facilitate selection of project services and products.
  • Operates phase containment by ensuring all deliverables are produced and meet agreed quality criteria; ensure that the next phase plan is complete and learned lessons are gathered and documented.
  • Maintain and update project Lists to include pending, active, closed and on-hold projects under your management.