Relief International
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Regional IT Coordinator – Middle East

Job Description and Requirements

About RI: Relief International is a leading nonprofit organization working in roughly 20 countries to relieve poverty, ensure well-being and advance dignity. We specialize in fragile settings, responding to natural disasters, humanitarian crises and chronic poverty.

Relief International combines humanitarian and development approaches to provide immediate services while laying the groundwork for long-term impact. Our signature approach — which we call the RI Way—emphasizes local participation, an integration of services, strategic partnerships and a focus on civic skills. In this way, we empower communities to find, design and implement the solutions that work best for them.

Position Summary:

The Regional IT Coordinator monitors and maintains Relief International’s computer networks for the RI Middle East RSO office; installs and configures hardware and software, provides technical support to RI RSO staff, and supervising all IT operations in all the RI country offices within the Middle East region.

Position Responsibilities and Duties:

  • User Support
    • Utilize the IT support ticketing system to troubleshoot users’ computer problems, determine sources of issues, and deliver appropriate solutions in the region.
    • Support RI RSO staff to access IT-managed services, and
    • Setup new users’ accounts and assist users to maintain active profiles throughout IT-managed systems


  • Computer Systems Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Follow the RI Computer Standards to install and configure computer operating systems and all RI software
    • Plan and undertake scheduled maintenance to ensure all RSO computers are up-to-date with important software and system updates in the Regional Office
    • Manage and keep track of IT inventory for RI Middle East RSO office


  • Network Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Perform regularly scheduled network equipment maintenance to ensure the RSO network is running smoothly
    • Monitor networking firewalls and enforce network security policies for RSO office
    • Diagnose and fix network problems or potential problems
    • Maintain other networked equipment, including but not limited to: printers, scanners, VoIP phones, and web conferencing systems.


  • Information Security Response
    • Monitor  and response to security alerts associated with RSO users in the Cisco Thread Response portal
    • Ensure all the local devices are free of virus/malware and the protection agents are up-to-date
    • Coordinate with Cyber Security Working Group to response to any cyber-attacks targeting local users or devices.


  • IT knowledge and user training
    • Complete and fulfill all IT training requirements
    • Attend necessary IT webinars and seminars to stay up-to-date with changes to all IT-managed solutions
    • Maintain knowledge of industry trends and support best practices
    • Provide basic IT user training and orientation to RSO staff


  • Regional IT Supervision
    • Supervise the IT operations within the whole region
    • Ensure the global IT policies and procedures are enforced in the region
    • Support country IT officers in the region to resolve in-country IT issues and provide guideline to make improvement in IT services
    • Monitor and audit country level IT inventory, enforce IT equipment procurement and assignment procedures
    • Occasional domestic and international travel (expected 40% travel time)
    • Participation in IT and other RI working groups
    • Research on IT software/systems as needed

Degree of expertise and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field preferred
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working with Windows and Macs
  • Minimum 5 years of experience managing network equipment (firewalls, routers, switches, etc.)
  • Minimum 2 years of experience working with hosted solutions such as Office 365
  • Working knowledge of ticketing systems and remoting tools
  • Advanced troubleshooting and Multi-tasking skills
  • Understand Active Directory and SSO
  • Strong communication skills in English
  • Ability to travel to remote areas.

We uphold the Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence.

We affirmatively engage the most vulnerable communities.