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Access to Justice Senior Project Officer A2J (SPO)

Job Description and Requirements

Job description:

Under the supervision of A2J Program Manager, the A2J Senior Project Officer will ensure the implementation of the Access to Justice project(s) under his/ her responsibility in his/her area of operation.

The A2J Senior Project Officer will ensure quality and timely implementation of all project activities under his/her responsibility, to achieve the project goals and objectives as specified in the project documents and agreements with donors and/or HQ.

The A2J Senior Project Officer will be directly responsible for the oversight of the A2J Project Assistant and ensure the successful implementation of actions designed to support vulnerable children and their families directly or through system sthrenthening in line with project goals and objectives and organizational mission and vision.

He/she prepares and maintains documentation related to the job function in compliance with the financial, administrative and logistics procedures. Complying with Tdh project management rules, she/he keeps track of activity operational plans and report on progress achieved to the direct supervisor(s).

The main tasks of this function are:

  • Project Management and Implementation: – responsible for the effective implementation of project activities, monitoring and reporting according  to Tdh and donor procedures and guidelines;
  • Technical expertise: develop programmitc approaches, models of interventions and tools in the field of A2J as requested by the supervisor – with the support of the CP advisor;
  • Advocacy and representation: follow and implement the advocacy plan of the A2J Program as it decided by the management and actively participate in the national and local A2J and CP forums to position Tdh as a credible actor in the A2J sector.



Tdh opened its Delegation in Jordan in 2007 and currently implements two main programs, an Access to Justice intervention - started in 2011 in Amman - and a response towards the Syrian crisis - started in 2012 - in the host communities in the Northern Governorates and in 2013 in Refugee camp.


Aligned with Tdh’s vision 2030, Tdh’s strategic plan 2020, Tdh Access to Justice Theory of Change, and Ministry of Social Development Juvenile Justice strategy in Jordan; Tdh’s strategy in Jordan for 2018-2020 has for general objective to reinforce a Jordanian child-friendly juvenile justice system. The specific objective of the program is to facilitate the reintegration of children in contact with law in their community through improving the condition of detention, access to functional non-custodial measures, diversion from the justice system and in general restorative juvenile justice practices.



Specific Responsibilities


Access to Justice strategy:

  • Contributes in the development and in the periodical revision ofthe Access to Justice country programme strategy and in the other strategic processes of the delegation;
  • Responsible to propose innovative solution to the A2J PM;
  • Participates in the development of project proposals to donors;
  • Ensures that Tdh strategy and policy are implemented in his/her field;
  • Fully understands the operational plan and logical framework of the Access to Justice project.


Project management and Implementation:

  • Develops and maintains project implementation plans in collaboration with the project team and partners and reports on regular basis about the performance of the project(s);
  • Implements all project activities  on a timely and quality manner in accordance with Tdh programme standards (project management rules) and in full compliance with all donor requirements as specified in projects related documents;
  • Participates in monitoring the timely implementation of all activities under his/her responsibility based on the M&E system and participates in various assessments exercises;
  • Regularly monitors and keeps track of project activities expenditure; prepares activity budget forecasting on a monthly basis in collaboration with the A2J PM and reports periodically to the Program Manager;
  • Responsible for supervising the project team allocated to the project, such as the A2J PA and others as delegated by the supervisor, as well as for the supervision of the partner’s team when it is relevant;
  • Provides on the job training and coaching to the project teams under supervision to ensure maximum results;
  • Ensures efficient coordination and communication with the line supervisor to ensure adequate and timely support is provided to the project teams for the effective project implementation;
  • Regularly compiles project reports as per agreed reporting schedule and the format of reporting, based on M&E system and make sure the deadlines are respected.

Technical expertise:

  • Contributes with technical knowledge and input in drafting documents, project proposals, technical guidelines, traning and awareness raising materials and any other document as required by the supervisor in the field of A2J and child protection;
  • Supervises the implementation of A2J activities to ensure the quality of approaches and methodologies applied in compliance with Tdh international and national standards;
  • Facilitates and undertakes the capacity building of A2J project team and partners and participates in training others as requested by the supervisor and the country delegate;
  • Participates in the capacity development support to the local partners’ representatives, and other relevant local authorities, as required by the project;
  • In coordination with Child Protection SPO develops the Case Management and Child safeguarding policy for Training and Rehabilitation centers;

Advocacy and representation:

  • Proactively identifies relevant stakeholders in the field of A2J and establishes a professional relationship with those stakeholders under the leadership of the A2J PM;
  • Contributes in the development of the A2J advocacy strategy of Tdh Jordan and implements the advocacy plan as delegated by the line supervisor;
  • Actively participates in the national and local A2J and CP forums to position Tdh as a credible actor in the A2J sector;
  • Under the supervision and in collaboration with the A2J PM, ensures Tdh’s representation before national entities (particularly Ministry of Social Development, Juvenile Police Department, TRC directors, etc.,) and ensures a smooth coordination and collaboration with all;
  • Upon request and under the supervision of A2J PM, attends other high level meetings with key stakeholders;
  • Ensures that a positive and professional image of the foundation is conveyed. In particular, ensures that the Foundation's mandate, ethics, values and views are followed in relation to third party.
  • Develops a network to facilitate the project acceptance and the stakeholder’s contribution;

Communication and Visibility:

  • In coordination with the Communication Officer, writes articles, media materials and bulletins that promote the project activities and events based on communication and visibility standards of Tdh Foundation and donors;
  • Drafts reports and informative documents that feed Tdh website, social media networks of Tdh Jordan, donors and partners;
  • Participates in public events, workshops and training when delegated by the supervisor;
  • Makes sure that all staff and volunteers wear visibility.



  • Under the guidance of Tdh Logistics ad Security Coordinator, complies with Tdh Security Regulations in Jordan;
  • Ensures the implementation of the security procedures by all project staff under his/her supervision;
  • Informs and shares any incident or information related to the security of staff and beneficiaries with the Program Coordinator.



  • Commits to respect and ensure the best implementation possible of Tdh Safeguarding Policies and system, its related procedures and principles of child protection in all the settings, including the non-working related ones;
  • Be clear on the functional responsibilities to prevent harm / safeguard children, communities and colleagues both through own conduct and work;
  • Commits to inform the Safeguarding Focal Point and to report any cases of allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Safeguarding Policy;
  • Respects the principles of confidentiality, protection, good faith and non-reprisal in all interactions with children and communities and in the communication materials produced;
  • Applies the best interest of children and people principle prior to writing, producing and publishing any sort of communication material about the children and communities participating in Tdh Jordan and partners’ programme;
  • Always ensures to take the written consent of guardians and children prior to engaging in any form of communication with beneficiaries;
  • Be a good ambassador for safeguarding and promote good practice.



  • Knows and implements all institutional policies and  internal regulations of Terre des hommes with a particular focus on the Institutional Media and Communication policies;
  • Respects Terre des hommes security procedures in Jordan;
  • Supports the leadership team to organize and facilitate, conferences,  exchange of experience mission and field visits for external management staff and donor representatives;
  • Any other duty as required by the line supervisor.  


S/he will have direct access to information, such as the general strategy of Tdh in Jordan, including programming objectives in the field, financial details, and security guidelines.

A professional sense of security, confidentiality, and proper representation is paramount.

The incumbent will conduct her/his duties in respect of the Charter of Terre des hommes and Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy. Terre des hommes expects that its contractors’ professional conduct reflect proper behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Terre des hommes and defends in all circumstances the interests of the movement.



  • Bachelor degree in Human Rights, Law, Sociology, Social Work, or any other relevant academic background; a Master degree in one of the above areas is preferred;
  • Mandatory fluency in English and Arabic;
  • Mandatory experience in Child protection projects; preferable experience in Access to Justice;
  • At least 4 years experience in direct project implementation (NGO) with at least 1 year in a senior position preferred;
  • Experience in capacity building, training facilitation and mentoring of staff and volunteers;
  • Experience in working with governmental institutions;
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of of the complete project cycle management (design, initiation, planning, monitoring and reporting);
  • Good understanding of M&E systems and tools;
  • Experience in working with partners at national and sub-national levels.


Personal skills:

  • Diplomacy and ability to confront and discuss sensitive issues;
  • Excellent report writing skills;
  • Management skills;
  • Good communication and negotiation skills;
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
  • Understanding and commitment to child’s rights and child protection issues;
  • Flexible, willing to travel;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • Excellent organization skills;
  • Sense of humor, dynamic and pro-active;